How To have Long Healthy and Shinny Hair

How To have Long Healthy and Shinny Hair

To have long healthy shinny and strong hair is the dream of every girl. Your hair does not grow as fast as you consider. The first thong to have long and healthy hair you need to be patient. The experts say that hair only grows a quarter of an inch or half inch in a month. And if you really want to grow healthy and long hair you need to be patient and avoid split ends.

There are some tips and trick and home remedies to have healthy, strong long and shiny hair:

Trim Hair Regularly:

Do the regular trim of the split ends. If you regularly trim your split ends it makes sure to grow hair fast.

Use Conditioner:

Always use branded products for your hair and skin as well. Don’t compromise on the quality of the product. After every wash conditioned your hair as it will help hair to nourish well. Continues styling, hair color, and heat make hair lack luster and strands week.  The conditioning of hair helps to maintain protein level inside the hair shafts and seal the cuticle to prevent hair damage.

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Most important precaution is that do not over wash your hair. If you took bath daily avoid washing your hair. Only do shampoo when there is need.

Apply Oil and Hair Masks:

The oiling of hair and masking are very much important as it nourishes them. You can use the mixture of number of oils for having shiny, healthy and strong hair.

The recommended oils are

  • Almond Oil half cup
  • Coconut Oil half cup
  • Jojoba Oil half cup
  • Olive oil half cup
  • Vitamin E oil 2 tablespoon


Mix all the above mentioned oils and store in a bottle. Apply the oil twice a week 2 hour before washing them. This oil will add luster to your dry and damaged hair.

Masks for Strong and Shinny hair:

There are some homemade hair masks that you can apply on hair for making them strong and shiny.

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Avocado Hair Mask:

  • Avocado 1
  • Egg 1


Make a paste of avocado, add egg in it and apply on hair for 30 minutes, then rinse it off. You can use this mask once a week for having healthy and shiny hair as Avocado is a rich source of Vitamin E, vitamin and minerals and fatty acids.

Yogurt and Honey hair Mask:

  • Yogurt one cup
  • Honey 2 tablespoon
  • Olive oil 2 tablespoon


Mix all the above mentioned ingredients and apply on the hair. Tie your hair at the back. Let the mask set for 30 minutes and rinse away. You can use this mask once a week.

Food For Hair:

Make the use of vitamins like biotin, vitamin C, and B vitamins in your daily diet. The use of them support hair health.

How To Overcome Hair Fall:

You can now easily overcome on the constant hair fall. If you don’t want to go for the above mentioned hair masks, you can go for this tips.  You just need a good quality shampoo and a juice of 2 red onions.

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Add the juice of onions in the shampoo and let it stay for 15 days. After 15 days start using this shampoo. This will help to reduce the hair fall and also gives you shinny hair.

Hope you will have benefits from the above mentioned tips and tricks and home remedies. Stay tuned for further updates.

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