Rose Petal Face and Body Whitening Cream Recipe

For rose’s lovers there is good news. Now they can also use the homemade rose petal face and body whitening cream by following easy tips. Today we will tell you complete recipe of making Rose Petal Face and Body Whitening Cream at home. This cream is very much effective for people who have dry and patchy skin.

Ingredients for making Rose Petal Face and Body Whitening Cream:

  • Fresh Rose Petals one cup
  • Distilled water ¼ cup
  • Almond oil ¼ cup
  • Rosehip seed oil 1 tablespoon
  • Mango butter 4 tablespoon
  • Beeswax 1 spoon
  • Stearic acid 2 spoons
  • Rose essential oil 5 drops
  • A pinch of Pink color


Put the rose petals into the jar add one cup water and set aside. Put almond oil, mango butter, beeswax, stearic acid in a cup and put it into the pan having water and put on flame for 10 minutes. Now remove the cup from the pan and let the mixture cool a bit. Pour the mixture in the bowl and add rosehip oil and mix well. Now add rose water, distilled water and mix well. After mixing add rose essential oil and pink color. Mix them well and pour in the clean jar and cap tightly.

Store this cream in the refrigerator and use within one week.


For the preparation of cream you need to use clean and hygienic tools.

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