Skype and Snapchat don’t support privacy

Skype and Snapchat don’t support privacy

We are living in digital ICT era where you can be in touch with anyone around the world in just one click. Gadgets have revolutionized our approach and use of information, we have information of any person around the world in this modern time period by using different apps like Facebook , twitter , instagram , skype , viber , snap chat and many more.

These apps are adding flavors of joy in our life’s and make us so busy that we can’t even find time for ourselves. But sometimes these apps become danger when it comes about privacy concern. According to Amnesty International report released in this week , Skype and snap chat are not safeguarding privacy concerns of user , private information in these apps don’t stay private. Both of them fail to maintain privacy of user.

Anyone can easily hack your account and make your public information public in seconds as cyber crime is making your love life full of tensions and depression. Those who use snap chat and keep their selves busy in updating their personal information, pictures on their account are at high risk.  Apps must make themselves secure and safe for its user enabling their privacy concern rights just for them.

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