Smartphone for the Smart Users! iDroid Balr X7

Smartphone for the Smart Users! iDroid Balr X7

Have you ever wondered why a smartphone is called as smartphone? When technology integrated into feature phone, it turned into smartphone. Its name “Smart Phone” indicates a meaning that we never interpreted. A smartphone is equipped with latest technology; to understand it and maximize the benefits of a smartphone, one needs to be wise enough or smart. A wise person knows what features of smartphone are good enough and how can they be utilized. A person that falls into this category is a Smart User. And we have a large group of people in Pakistan who are really smart!

Smart users understand very well which phone is best for them. When such segment of people seek for smartphone, they get it that which phone is overpriced or which phone is under priced.

For all such smart users, I have very good news. After knowing about it, they are going to be so elated. The USA based company iDroid has recently launched its latest smart phone “iDroid Balr X7” in Pakistan with as its official partner. iDroid aims to create amazing computing experience for the customers. It’s all efforts are directed to a goal which is, building a world where technology is easy to use for the people. iDroid believes in producing quality phones for the users in fair rates. It focuses on the comfort of people that is why its users love it so much.

Now the Pakistanis are going to enjoy the iDroid Balr X7 which is going to be a very tough competitor for the other smart phones in Pakistan. For iDroid Balr X7 I can say it’s a smart phone for the smart users!

iDroid Balr X7 Specs & Features!

Let’s look at the awesome features of iDroid Balr X7:

Quad core processor 1.3 GHz, Screen 5.5’’, Front Camera 5MP, Rear Camera 8MP, Gesture Technology, Battery 2800 mAh, Android 5.1 Lollipop, RAM 1 GB, Resolution 1280 x 720, Memory extendable up to 64 GB SD Card, Screen 5.5”, Dimensions 153.8 x 77 x 8.3mm and Weight 85 g.

It has Idro Beast Speakers and Gesture Technology. The Gesture Technology makes you able to have split screen and do multiple tasks simultaneously, swipe tabs in chrome, two finger swipes down, zoom in using one figure, Google Keyboard Gestures, and Gestures using Third Party Apps. It’s almost weightless; you can use it conveniently without feeling burden on your hand.

In short you can describe iDroid Balr X7 as the android phone which is light weight, small size, fast built in 100 times fast memory.

The best part is, it is available at a very fair price and it meets the requirements of the people. iDroid Balr X7 completely justifies the quality and price of the phone which is the main concern of the iDroid.

That’s why I say iDroid Balr X7 is the smartphone for the smart users!

If you are enough smart, then just get this astonishing phone with such amazing features from

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