5G service Test Performed by Samsung

5G service test performed by Samsung

World’s first 5G network is successfully tested by Samsung and Korea Telecom. In South Korea Samsung Electronics Digital City Campus the test take place. This 5G test is a different type of test as it used common specification that are  forward by Pyeong Chang 5G special interest group that is combine effort of telecom operators and retailers from all over the world.

Commercial network are in favor of using 5G in future. According to Korea Telecom Head of network division during winter Olympics South Korea will be the first country to launch 5G and Korea Telecom will continue to check and test 5G until verification in 2017.

Test use of 28 GHz spectrum with full synchronization of wireless links that establish IP address, implementation of security protocols and via 5G virtual core network it will have internet access.

In 2018 Korea will have 5G and in 2020 it will be launched in UK and US.

These tests show that 5G is indeed becoming a reality and will launch in 2018 in Korea and then the US and UK in 2020. In 2018 winter Olympic South Korea 5G service will be launched.

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