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Apple is mobilizing suppliers to launch its first 5G iPhone range, the Nikkei Asian Review said on Wednesday.

“It will be the first time Apple introduces 5G iPhones … There will be three of them and the company has set an aggressive sales target,” Nikkei quoted a source as saying.

The three new iPhones will carry a 5G modem chip designed by Qualcomm Nikkei added, citing four people familiar with the plan.

Apple and Qualcomm did not immediately respond to Reuters’ requests for comment.

What is 5G

This year the telecoms industry will begin the transition to new fifth-generation cellular networks — known as 5G — which is expected to one day help run everything from self-driving cars to robot surgeons.

The successor to the current 4G network technology introduced commercially in 2009 promises nearly instantaneous transfers of huge amounts of data that will likely bring major changes to an array of consumer and health products.

The first 5G compatible phones will become available in the middle of this year, but consumers will not initially notice vastly faster speeds because 5G coverage will be limited to certain cities or neighbourhoods at first.

Analysts predict it will be at least a couple of years before the network’s reach will be extensive enough to let you use your 5G phone without relying on current wireless standards most of the time.

The next generation phones will be able to switch seamlessly between 4G and 5Gnetworks for more stable service.

The first advantages of 5G will be enjoyed by telecoms operators, who will be able to offer fixed high-speed internet in countries or regions where deploying fibre is expensive.

At a later stage, 5G will be able to underpin services such as augmented reality, which would allow people for example to point a smartphone camera at a football game and see superimposed player statistics.

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