Arshad Khan To Continue his Showbiz Career

Arshad Khan To Continue his Showbiz Career

Yesterday it was reported that Arshad Khan Chai Wala to quit showbiz over the sensational photo shoot with Muskaan Jay that went viral on social media. Arshad Khan to quit showbiz and to continue his tea selling job, as one of the managers of Chai wala stated on internet.

Soon after the new statement by another manager of Arshad Khan said that he is to continue his showbiz career as he is to shoot for his debut film “Kabeer” in Dubai. He will continue his career as his family allows him to do film but not to do and sort of sensational and bold scenes.

His manager Rizwan Kazmi told media that one of the team members leaked this bold photo shoot of Arshad Khan’s on social media and showed them to his family members in Mardan.

He said that Khan belongs to a religious family so evidently the photos didn’t go too well with them and they asked him to leave immediately because it brought a bad name to the family.

He further added that Arshad Khan has convinced his family and promised not to involve himself in such type of intimate scenes and objectionable photo shoots.

He said that they have fired the person who leaked the pictures as Arshad Khan did not know anything about it.

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