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Tips and Tricks for Baking a Perfect Cake

Tips and Tricks for Baking a Perfect Cake

Guest Post | March 24, 2018 | category: Cooking Recipes

Tips and tricks for baking a perfect cake. All cakes are delicious and presentable, the only point which is important to note is how to make them amazing and for that you have to do some interesting experiments with different flavours of the frostings, batter and you can also add some ingredients which is not  usually used for the cakes but can make wonder if used.

It is very important to make sure that the cake becomes more perfect when the right flavour frosting is been selected for the decoration. After all frosting is the main thing which is important for the cake to look good and attract people to buy it for the occasions. There are many cakes for the occasions like birthday cake, mother’s day cake, anniversary cake and much more. But before doing all the things it is important to note that the base of the cake has to be perfectly baked and have the desired texture which is necessary to give it a splendid taste.

It is very easy for the bakers to bake the perfect cake but for the non-bakers it might be difficult to bake the perfect cake at first attempt but it can be possible if you use the best tips and tricks of baking cake. You can find out the tips on internet and on YouTube videos and can learn from that. To make your task easy lets discuss some of the basic tips and tricks of baking to try at home instantly.

Firstly the basic thing to note is that the mixture of the cake is perfectly mixed and form a creamy smooth texture so that it can come out in perfect shape and have the sponge texture. Make sure to blend all the ingredient well for the best taste which totally depends on you, which flavored cake you want. You can try mixing the two different flavors to make it more interesting and delicious.

Next tip is to check the temperature of the oven. It is very important to preheat the oven so that your cake will get ready in defined time. Place the bowl in the middle of the oven to prevent the cake from over cooking. And also make sure that the bowl is perfect for the baking as sometimes the base of bowl is thin, then the batter will cook quickly but the rest of the cake will remain uncooked.

Use the baking tools to measure the ingredients of the batter so that you will get the taste of all the flavors of the cake perfectly. You can weigh the flour instead of measuring it as by this you can find the accurate amount of flour.

After the baking process don’t forget to cool down the cake on a cake for about 20 minutes. After the cake cool downs then do the frosting on it to make it interesting and attractive. Frosting is very essential part of the cake to force to people to buy it so do the frosting neatly, you can use a spatula or a buttering knife to spread the frosting cream in proper way.

It depends on you which type of frosting you want on your cake, it can be a fondant frosting, buttercream frosting, ganache frosting or any other frosting of your choice.

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BTW Casual Collection 2018-19

BTW Casual Collection 2018-19

Guest Post | March 13, 2018 | category: Fashion

BTW Casual Collection 2018-19. Casual clothing suits the changing life styles of women. Casual clothing make the women very secure to meet the demands of their distressing life schedule apart from making them feel and look good. Since the formal dresses are very restrictive to a greater extent, BTW is starting to offer a wide range of Casual Eastern Shirts of different styles and price ranges that suit women of all ages.

The new casual collection consist of Eastern Shirts, T-Shirts and Denim Shirts for women. Here is a glimpse of the BTW casual collection 2018-19.

Women also can dress casually at events and wear casual dresses instead of formal dresses. This relies on the type of events; however for women who do not feel like getting dressed up and are attending parties that don’t have any dress codes, this will be suitable. Women also can wear fitted or skinny jeans with eastern shirts and low heels to these types of parties as well.

Casual dress by BTW offers women the opportunity to be elegant and comfortable on the same time. It allows them to not get stuck up on appearances or take too much time deciding what to put on for different events. In any situation, a women can make her dress style more casual even in workplace or semi-formal settings.

Women can get dressed casually throughout the year. Each season simply means a different style of casual dress. In the fall and winter months, women generally tend to wear casual eastern shirts and jeans, while in the spring and summer women break out their shorts to beat the heat. Get your best BTW eastern shirts today and place your order online.

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Effectively Utilize In-Built Space with Porta Cabins in Pakistan

Effectively Utilize In-Built Space with Porta Cabins in Pakistan

Guest Post | January 8, 2018 | category: News

Effectively Utilize In-Built Space with Porta Cabins in Pakistan. You should know that a portable cabin is a trspoanrtable compact building. It comes with a unique design for temporary utilization of space. Porta cabins in Pakistan are prefabricated, meaning they provide businesses and homes with comprehensive solutions to save time and money, at the same time they come with proper in-built space utilization.

In nature, these cabins are also flexible, easy to carry around and you can assemble them wherever required. They are available in different sizes, designs, and heights as well as known for their notable attributes including optimum strength, durability, and long-lasting quality.

Porta Cabins: Great for a Smart Space

Porta cabins are unique because they come with the required facilities you need to set up a comfortable working environment. They are easy to move around and set up in any location. In addition, you can set them up easily and dismantle them effortlessly.

Made out of high-quality materials such as fiberglass, plywood, normal glass, plastic and various other materials, they are robust in their appearance and accommodate to any weather condition. Although such cabins are as temporary, they include necessary amenities to make working a comfortable experience.

These days, credit goes to providers such as Al Sadiq Services and others who build these cabins in a manner that it best utilizes minimum spaces and brings out the best workspace. Based on your business requirements, you can choose these cabins to meet the individual requirement of your staff. In this regard, porta cabin manufacturers in Pakistan also manufacture variegated options to make them look more attractive.

Now, you can select newly built cabins or refurbished ones. Some cabins come with enough space to include amenities including carpets, tiles, toilets, plasterboard walls and more. They serve as a smart choice for contemporary offices and homes with effective inbuilt space to keep you comfortable.

Advantages of Using Porta Cabins in Pakistan

Portable cabins are popular for the countless number of advantages they bring to homes and businesses. Some including the ones mentioned below:

  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible in construction
  • Customizable based on your requirements
  • Elegant and stylish to meet with the modern design of your workspace
  • Provide adequate work area
  • Easy to transport from one space to the other
  • Best alternative to installation of permanent office spaces

Today, people also consider portable cabins as secure solutions to housing and allow customers to enjoy the true value of money. Since they are portable, they require no specific installation tools. These tailor-made cabins satisfy individual preference and taste in commercial and household sectors.

Furthermore, they are corrosion resistant, fire resistant, and waterproof and remain the best alternative for people who are searching for environmentally friendly options for their offices or homes. As you can see, portable cabins come with different advantages. If you are searching for the best quality ones, it is advisable that you consult providers in your city. Whether you live in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, or any other city in Pakistan rest assured that these portable cabins could serve your smart space needs.

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Aisha Imran Bridal Collection2018-19 Changing The Fashion Standards Of Pakistan

Aisha Imran Bridal Collection 2018-19 Changing The Fashion Standards Of Pakistan

Guest Post | January 6, 2018 | category: Fashion

Aisha Imran Bridal Collection 2018-19 Changing The Fashion Standards Of Pakistan. Aisha Imran, the big name of Pakistani fashion industry, has recently launched her latest Bridal Collection 2018-19, in this collection you will find various Pakistani traditional bridal fashions, which has enriched merged with latest trends.

Let’s introduce you with the wonderful and latest styles of Aisha Imran bridal collection.


Heavenly golden heavy organza shirt paired with rust lehnga with embroidered borders of stones and kora dabka. Paired with deep red organza dupatta.


A grey organza dress featuring silver kora dabka, crystal and tea pink resham work with small motifs all over the front. It is paired with intricately crafted organza dupatta to perfect the look.


Opulent combination of silver and red makes this cutwork net trail dress a master piece. Red velvet lehnga with intricate work patterns of stones, crystals and booti adds to the overall look. It is paired with golden net dupatta with borders all around.


Delicate tissue fully embroidered shirt with intricate embroidery all over and borders at the hemline done in resham, kora dabka, pearls, diamante, sequins and stones.


Vivacious golden and carrot pink combination with net fabric, fully embroidered with kora dabka, crystals, stones and sequins.  Carrot pink jamawar lehnga with borders and a chiffon net dupatta brings forth a dreamy overall look.


Beige organza open shirt with heavy embroidery allover done in pitta work, resham, stones and sequins. Golden blouse paired with an opulent green gharara with heavily embroidered borders and motifs. A heavily embroidered dupatta with extensive borders all around to give a timelessly traditional look.


A stunning beige and red sleeveless tissue heavily embroidered bridal gown with resham and extensive hand work done in gotta kora dabka, stones and pearls on the entire dress. Fully worked dupatta is added to give it a finished look.


A beautiful plum and golden sleeveless dress comprises of worked round neckline. The dress is further enhanced by golden hand embroidered work all over. It has ganga jamni work details. The dress is complemented with a plum chiffon heavily embroidered dupatta.


A pretty floor length grey gown with dabka work, resham, crystals, stone motifs and heavy borders all around. Intricate jaal pattern on dupatta adds to the look.


Fully embroidered and embellished dress done in cutwork details, kora dabka, resham, pearls, stones and diamante finished with embroidered borders. Dupatta with chann finished with resham borders.


A beige and red dreamy open shirt with heavily embroidered and embellished neckline and sleeves done in resham, kora dabka, stones and sequins. Small motifs on the entire shirt done in kora dabka and stones finished with embroidered borders. A fully worked net lehenga and dupatta finished with embroidered borders.

Aisha Imran Bridal Collection 2018-19 includes a variety of bridal dresses. Every bridal dress of this collection has made with outstanding embroidered, kora dabka, crystals and stones work and this made the collection more noticeable and perfect for brides-to-be to wear any dress of this collection on that wedding.

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Redefine Class with Tempting New Arrivals by Orient Textiles

Redefine Class with Tempting New Arrivals by Orient Textiles

Guest Post | December 26, 2017 | category: Fashion

Redefine Class with Tempting New Arrivals by Orient Textiles. The feminine dressing taste has gained a phenomenal boost in recent times. It is quite evident that women nowadays usually fall for Pret Wear. This has been one of the most hot-selling category in women clothing in Pakistan. A lot of brands have indulged into the Pret game but Orient Textiles has gained a massive reputation in this regard.

With its outstanding designs and top-notch stitching capabilities, the brand has produced some of the most celebrated articles in recent times. The brand recently introduced its ravishing new arrivals and it is stealing the spotlight. Take a look at the wardrobe essentials by Orient Textiles. Orient Textiles current collection is stealing the spotlight in the read-to-wear section. With its new collection, it has brought some of the most fascinating and mesmerizing new designs for its customers.

The Pret collection is meant for everyday wear. Whether it’s a party to attend or a casual hangout with friends, you can wear the casual pret and shine like a star of the evening. The Pret is available in all sizes and each article is created with effortless elegance to provide you the true experience of luxury and premium clothing. Orient Textiles strives hard to keep its customers look dapper and trendsetters for a generation. With its constantly evolving new ideas and up-to-date clothing designs, Orient Textiles has celebrated a status in Pret wear. Some other sensational designs are here, let’s have another sneak peek.

You can get these amazing wardrobe essentials at the online store of the brand. It’s time to shop these astounding apparel for your next event.

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Extremely Chapped Lips -Causes and What To Do About Them

Extremely Chapped Lips -Causes and What To Do About Them

Guest Post | October 28, 2017 | category: Beauty Tips

Extremely Chapped Lips -Causes and What To Do About Them. Extremely chapped lips should not be set aside and ignored. It can be really distressful and can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. There are several factors that contribute to the development of severely chapped lips. It can simply be an effect of simple circumstances such as the cold weather but it can also be a symptom of more serious conditions. It is important that one knows why his or her lips are chapped for many days or weeks before taking that lip balm for temporary solution.

The lips are part of the skin but unlike the other areas of the skin and being a mucous membrane, the lips are much thinner and therefore more prone to damage such as chapping, cracking and peeling. Consulting the doctor is the best way to start the treatment process for chronic chapped lips.

The following are the factors and conditions that can cause extremely chapped lips:

Extreme weather – Both cold and hot weather can cause chapped lips. The cold weather plus the cold wind can easily dry out the lips. Same happens with extreme heat from the sun.

Dehydration – Hydration is generally what makes the skin moist and healthy. Lack of hydration is considered to be the number one cause of chapped lips.

Vitamin Deficiencies – Lack of the important vitamins that helps in skin care can also be a cause of chapped lips. These vitamins include the vitamins riboflavin (vitamin B2), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), retinol (vitamin A), and tocopherol (vitamin E).

Allergy – One of the most common effects of an allergic reaction is cracked, chapped, sore and suddenly inflamed lips.

Diabetes – Diabetes generally makes the body more prone to injuries, and chapped lips are one of them.

STDs (Sexually Transmitted Disease) – STDs, which include HIV-AIDS, can cause chronic chapped lips.

Chapped lips can be easily remedied with the following interventions:

  1. Use of ointments, lip balms, etc. – The most common remedy for extremely chapped lips is by applying ointments and lip balms on to the affected area. A slice of cucumber can also be applied as well as Shea butter, coconut oil, and even used duck fat for moisture and faster healing.
  2. Avoid hot and spicy food – during the time that the lips are still cracked and sore, spicy, and salty foods will just make them worse so it’s best to avoid them while they aren’t healed yet.
  3. Drink lots of fluid – hydration is the key so one has to be sure he or she drinks adequate amounts of water everyday.
The Hidden Gems of "Uncivilized" Balochistan

The Hidden Gems of “Uncivilized” Balochistan

Guest Post | October 27, 2017 | category: News

The hidden gems of “uncivilized” Baluchistan.Have you heard of Pakistan? The same country with a youth bulge? Yes, you heard it right. To many informed readers and foreigners, Pakistan is a land of an overly populated youth. However, what the youngsters of the myriad challenges faced by this country seldom makes headlines in the media.  This is mostly seen when it comes to the females hailing from minority communities especially Balochistan.

The Thrive to Receive Education Found in Abundance among the Females

After hearing about the First International Conference on Social Sciences in Quetta, my perception regarding the less educated females of Baluchistan changed entirely.  Students of this university are excelling in the field of education, enrolling for M Phil and Ph.D. degrees. It was only in 2013 that the university was bombed losing around fourteen lives of intelligent minds. Contrary to the massive belief that women would be afraid of continuing their education, the university intake tripled in number.

Outclass Discussions Showcased by Young Minds

To top it off, the chairing of the session on language and literature by the former candidates of the university followed by interactive and productive discussions on education and human values depicted that the thrive for self-development is well lit and alive in the young females of Baluchistan. Furthermore, the incredible political and social awareness skills demonstrated by the students without any hesitation showcased the unbeatable confidence in these young and highly educated gems.  With a total of one hundred and fifty presentations, the session proved to be a clear testimony of excellence, courage, and commitment to education portrayed by the women of Baluchistan.

University- A Safe Haven from the Outside World?

The universities in Baluchistan are offered termed as ‘safe havens’ for the young females of Baluchistan who wish to get rid of the limitations that patriarchal society places imposes on female emancipation. Each student of Baluchistan has a tale to tell. Surely, voicing your rights amid the conservative society goons has never been an easy task, especially for women in Baluchistan. The height of this is such that students are afraid to visit their native villages out of fear that they will not be allowed to return to university hostels.

Together We Stand!

Galling together, these women are playing a huge part in coming along and working towards a more libertarian and equal society. They demand to be heard and heard our loud-nothing lesser than that is acceptable by these fierce fully intelligent brains.  Equal opportunities for employment and educational opportunities with women rights being acknowledged stand of high significance to them. What is even wrong with that? Competing with their male counterparts will only bring about self-sufficiency, financial and social independence within these young souls.

On the contrary, the young luminaries exhibited their concern regarding complex issues including identity in the multi-ethnic society. Their belief to bring about a broader acceptance and tolerance to other sects, castes and cultures was astounding and indeed a key to co-habitation in a nation. Their main aim is to preserve local languages, customs while doing away with firmly established stereotypes in the country cannot go unnoticed. An even more unnoticeable notion would be the masses calling out Pakistan’s most populated province as “uncivilized.”

The weakening inter-provincial relations with people’s “deemed right” to exploit Baluchistan’s natural resources without caring an ounce about the social development in the province aches the hearts of these young females. The oil and gas-rich province have its women to raise their voice and question powerful state institutions that are playing a considerable part in violating these resources. Transparency and anguish against lack of accountability are evident in the shining faces of the Baloch women for which they now seem eager to take on the baton of leadership.

CPEC- A trigger of Concern?

How could we end detailing out the feelings of the Baloch women without giving CPEC a mention? Much fear that the China-Pakistan Economic Project would lead to an influx of foreign expats ruling the locals while others also doubt if the newly developed infrastructure projects would create equal opportunity employment for the deserving females of the province.

Conclusively, the powerful abilities to debate, counter question, and hold healthy discussions regarding the current state of Baluchistan would give shivers down the spine of many Pakistanis calling them uncivilized. Confidence and intelligence lurking in the female youth of the province would do nothing less than leave you in awe.

Much needs to be accomplished. For every girl receiving education, many other girls have to sit back home not because of they lack a thirst for knowledge but simply because of lack of sufficient facilities in Baluchistan. Lastly, the hostile attitude towards working women in the province would soon be eradicated by the same females disagreeing with the stereotypes, and standing high for their rights!


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Top Five Continental Dishes You Can Make At Your Home

Top Five Continental Dishes You Can Make At Your Home

Guest Post | September 22, 2017 | category: Cooking Recipes

Top five continental dishes you can make at your home. Continental recipes originated from the European cuisine and have taken over the world by storm. In every part of the world, a continental recipe or its variant can be found. These tasty delicacies are easy on the stomach and delightful for the taste buds and we have come with the top five continental recipes that you can prepare from the comfort of your house’s kitchen for your friends and family.

  1. Onion Rings

Top Five Continental Dishes You Can Make At Your Home

This crispy and crumbly recipe is one of the tastiest continental dishes that have made its way into the heart of Pakistani’s. The tasty onion rings recipe is prepared with covering onion (cut into rings) into a batter of cheese and then coated with a crispy layer of breadcrumbs. The mix is then deep fried and can be served as a tasty breakfast or a delightful a teatime snack.

  1. Russian Salad aka Olivier Salad

    Top Five Continental Dishes You Can Make At Your Home

If you are one of the folks who love to eat clean i.e. all sorts of vegetables and fruits, then you have to try the Russian salad recipe. As the name suggests, the Russian salad originated from the snowy, cold home of the mighty red army but has made its way to kitchens all around the world.  This tasty and healthy recipe contains a wide range of fresh fruits like grapes, apples, pineapples, strawberries and vegetables like boiled potatoes, peas, and cabbage which are topped with a thick cream and sometimes boiled eggs. This salad is popular among fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders because of its nutritional values.

  1. Italian chicken

Top Five Continental Dishes You Can Make At Your Home

Italian chicken is one of the easiest continental recipes to prepare with the most basic ingredients like soy sauce, rice, and chicken breasts under the time period of half an hour. This easy to prepare Italian delicacy will enlighten your taste buds with joy and can be served with a healthy serving of boiled rice or broccoli.

  1. Chicken Stuffed Potatoes

Top Five Continental Dishes You Can Make At Your Home

Are you craving a tasty, cheesy and appetizing meal that you can easily prepare without a big fuss? Then the chicken stuffed potatoes are the recipe of choice for you. This recipe is a beautiful assortment of mashed potatoes, blended with onions, peppers and minced garlic, and finally with chicken and cheese and shaped in the form of a patty. This calorie-rich meal can act as a great snack and also as a supplementary side dish that can be served to the guests.

  1. Molten Lava Cake

Top Five Continental Dishes You Can Make At Your Home

After a great filling dinner, what do you have next? A great tasty and creamy dessert that would lighten up the light bulbs of your taste buds. Molten Lava Cake is one of the desserts that would brighten up your face with joy when you take the first bite of this creamy delight. This delectable and chocolaty dessert is easy to make and contains a luscious amount of molten chocolate on the inside which would “spill” out with the first spoon. You can find the complete recipe here.

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Why Does The Diet Go Into Anorexia

Why Does The Diet Go Into Anorexia

Guest Post | September 8, 2017 | category: Health and Beauty

Why Does The Diet Go Into Anorexia. The diagnosis of “anorexia,” that is, the pathological rejection of food, according to research, affects about 4% of women around the world. In pursuit of beauty, they refuse from eating. After a meal, they cause vomiting, and start to lose weight quickly, sometimes it comes to a lethal outcome.

To defeat anorexia, one drug treatment is not enough, it is necessary to understand the psychological causes that caused this deviation.

In adolescence, problems with appearance often come to the fore. Boys want to have a muscular figure, girls – a beautiful face. In addition, this is quite natural, because they want to be liked by their peers. Each age has its own priorities. If in the childhood games were the most important for kids, then in school, study and communication with peers go to the forefront. Moreover, in the high school, the desire to communicate even pushes back studies. For teenagers it is more important than assessments. This is quite natural: they need to learn how to behave in a team, to win respect and authority. It leads to problems with studying and children start to suffer from various complexes. If girls can not assert themselves in the team, they often come to the conclusion that the whole thing is in an unattractive appearance, and therefore, it is necessary to correct it.

Schoolgirls often perceive themselves as inadequate, so even a small flaw can inflate to an incredible scale. First, weight loss gives them satisfaction. After all, peers admire her willpower. This attitude increases self-esteem, and often girls continue to fatigue themselves with diets to assert themselves in other people’s eyes. In addition, if at first weight loss was only part of a grandiose plan (to be successful in school, to be liked by peers, to make a career), then gradually it becomes an end in itself. All the other tasks are moved to the distant future.

Psychologists sometimes call anorexia “a disease of honored pupils”. Very often independent, successful, ambitious girls who set themselves high goals are subjected to this disease. Usually, they learn well, are respected in the team, but strive to achieve more. They tend to the ideal, the desire to be perfect in everything. By noticing any shortcomings (often imaginary), they are trying hard to correct them.

In the early stages, girls are hiding that they restrict themselves to eating. For example, at home they say that they ate at school, and teachers are assured that they were given breakfast with them. Often in the field of vision of doctors, they fall only after 2-3 years of diet, when leanness becomes too obvious. However, by that time anorexia is already taking the second stage, and curing it becomes much more difficult.

Sexual development at the hormonal level begins at 8-9 years and is completed by the age of 18. Girls in this period need a full meal. A strict diet and starvation can provoke very significant negative changes in the body – the maturation of eggs is impaired, other reproductive organs suffer.

It happens that after treatment in psychiatric hospitals patients are recovering, gaining the necessary weight. However, any problem, frustration or conflict situation leads them to believe that the problem is in excess weight, they are starting to lose weight again. Experts warn: in neglected cases, the situation can reach complete depletion (cachexia) and, despite all the efforts of physicians, about 20% of patients cannot be saved. Therefore, even if the treatment was successful, it is necessary to continue to be observed by the therapist. This will help to avoid relapse.

The prerequisites for getting anorexia are laid in early childhood. It all begins with an innocuous remark of mother, father’s joke, the sneer of a brother or sister. Therefore, in any case, do not criticize the appearance of your daughter! You should not compare her with models, actresses, athletes. Do not allow comments like: “If you were slimmer, you could succeed!” In this case, the girl can form a belief that success is inextricably linked to the way she looks, and not from her internal qualities.

Noticing that the girl began to limit herself in food, be sure to talk with her, ask about the reasons for this behavior. Nevertheless, speak very delicately so as not to cause aggression. If you cannot convince her, you should ask a professional psychologist.

A compromise is also possible: agree with the daughter that the diet will not hurt, but it is better if it is made by a specialist. You can pay a visit to a dietician together with her. Let him examine the girl and make an individual meal plan for her. A specialist will probably offer a soft, sparing diet that does not do any harm, but at the same time will help to keep fit.

Eco Slim Weight Loss Pills Now Available in Pakistan

Guest Post | July 5, 2017 | category: Health and Beauty

Eco Slim in Pakistan is the best weight loss pills in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Quetta, Sialkot, Multan, Okara, Bahawalnagar, and Sargodha that you can buy through Online Shopping in Pakistan.  Eco Slim in Pakistan can be used when you put on extra pounds may be due to vacations or holidays. Or maybe you just stop caring about yourself while eating due to which certain quantity of fat occurs on your belly area. Eco Slim in Pakistan is the best herbal way to lose the weight. As many of the weight loss supplements have dangerous chemicals but gives you original Eco Slim online in Pakistan. Eco Slim is the world’s best weight loss pills available in Pakistan at It is a natural supplement invented by pharmacist.

Eco Slim Capsules in Pakistan is an authentic Formula for Weight Loss

With the usage of Eco Slim in Pakistan you get rapid weight loss with minimum effort. It is for those people who are over weighted & have obesity. Eco Slim Capsules in Pakistan is a special formulation that breaks down the fats, reduces weight, and makes you slim & smart. Eco Slim in Pakistan keeps your weight at a balanced level and also controls your body to reduce the risk of the regaining of weight that already lost. This product maintains a systematic balance in your digestive system and stomach.

How to Use Eco Slim Capsules?

You just have to take one capsule of Eco Slim with plenty of water for 45 days at dinner time. This will cope with your habit of unhealthy food and you’ll start losing your weight within few weeks.

Where to Buy Eco Slim in Pakistan? delivers you original Eco Slim Capsules in Pakistan through online shopping with free home delivery service. We offer you discount on Eco Slim Price in Pakistan & Eco Slim Capsules Price in Pakistan.

Eco Slim Price in Pakistan

Eco Slim Capsules Price in Pakistan: PKR 4,300

For 2 bottles: PKR 4,250

For 3 bottles: PKR 4,100

For 10 bottles: PKR 3,700


Pakistan’s First Ever Online Shopping Day on 19th May,2017

Guest Post | May 17, 2017 | category: News along with other e-commerce partners, have taken the initiative to celebrate Pakistan’s Own Shopping Day on 19th May, 2017. It’s going to be the first sales festive of its own kind in Pakistan, which will continue to happen every year, just before the Ramzan.

Now you can easily get rid of Eid & Ramzan Shopping hassle by doing online Shopping on this Shopping Day. Eid is an occasion of spreading joy and happiness. You buy a lot of apparels and accessories not only for yourself, but also for presenting them to your loved ones. For you guys, the e-commerce peers, are going to celebrate online Shopping Day on 19th May, 2017 where you can get all products that you wish for in super amazing discount prices!

2017 Pakistan Shopping Day

Major Banks and Telecom Companies Offering Discounts!

Have you thought of getting extra discounts on online shopping excluding the ones that e-commerce websites offer you? If you haven’t, so now is the time to experience it. Different banks and telecommunication brands are offering amazing discounts on online Shopping Day!

To develop e-commerce industry, the big brands of banking industry and telecommunication industry are taking part in the online Shopping Day. The e-commerce industry has evolved with time and initiatives like this will contribute to its success in Pakistan. This is the first time ever that different banks are participating in the Pakistan Shopping Day by offering users great discounts. Payment with MCB card-30% discount, Payment with Meezan Bank Card-20% discount, Payment with UBL card-30% discount and Payment with Silk Bank Card-20% discount. Not only this, the virtual online payment systems are also there to support the first ever e-commerce Shopping Day, offering 15% discount on Easypaisa, and 10% JazzCash discount.. The sole aim of the Online Shopping day is to provide the customers great opportunity to prepare for Ramzan and Eid, and get the necessary products in amazing discounted prices.

2017 Pakistan Shopping Day

7 things you should know about this Mega Shopping Day!

Pakistan Shopping Day comes with super exciting discount offer up to 75%. The exciting deals are totally irresistible, you simply can’t let go these outstanding discount offers. #RahaNaJae Let’s see the offerings of this Mega Shopping Day.

1. 80% OFF on Fashion Wardrobe

Eid is an occasion where everyone wants to look classy and different from others. For this look, you wish to get adorable outfit, footwear and accessories. That’s exactly what you need for Eid shopping! You will be pleased to hear that you will get incredible discount of 80% on Men’s apparel, Women’s apparel, Kids apparel, footwear and accessories. Some of the brands in this category include EdenRobe, Yellow, Xarasoft, Bata foot wear, Sana Safinaz apparels, Motifz, Lala and Regal Shoes… Amazing isn’t it??

2. Exciting Deals in Flash Deal

On 19th May, you can avail Flash deals, which will consist of different exciting deals offered in different time slots. You can buy all Ramzan products, including Iftar and Sehri items on this Shopping Day. Apart from this, you can find exciting deals on Eid products including men’s and women’s apparel, footwear, accessories and many more. Flash deal will be for limited time, so make sure you avail these outstanding deals!

3. Xiaomi Redmi 4X Launch on 19th May!

Xiaomi Redmi 4X is going to be launched on 19th May, 2017 and you guys can buy it from on Shopping Day. Isn’t it exciting? Xiaomi manages to amaze people with its outstanding phones. Recently, In China on 11th November (Single’s Day), around 1 million Xiaomi Redmi 4A were sold in just 24 hours! This gives a good prediction that Xiaomi 4X is going to follow the footsteps of Xiaomi Redmi 4A.

Pakistan Shopping Day 2017

4. iPhone 7 Red, Samsung S8 and Samsung S7 Edge on our Online Shelves at Best Price!

iPhone 7 Red has recently launched in Pakistan, and on Online Shopping day, you can buy it at the best lowest price online. iPhone has always managed to make itself as the biggest smartphone brand, the customers love it whole heartedly for its user-inter face, and performance.

Pakistan Shopping Day 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 outclasses others with its high memory storage of 4GB and 12 MP camera which captures excellent shots. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with its 5.5” quad HD display and long battery life of 3600 mAh has marked itself as a powerful phone with great display. The Shopping Day gives you the chance to buy all these incredible phones at discounted prices! Believe it or not but it’s actually happening!!

5. Free Vouch365 App Registration

Vouch 365 app normally requires high cost for registration, but on this day, you can get free registration with every order placed above Rupees 1000. This is limited for only residents of Karachi and Lahore.

6. Lenovo/Motorola Smartphones in Discounted Price!

That’s not definitely the end. There is lot more to come on this super exciting shopping day. You will be able to buy Lenovo/Motorola smartphones, highly known for innovation and latest technology on this Shopping Day. There is a wide range of Lenovo/Motorola smart phones available on our online shelves. The amazing discounts offers are on these phones including Lenovo A7020 with 37% off, Lenovo A6020 with 18% off, Lenovo A6010 with 10% off, Lenovo Vibe P1 with 50% off and Lenovo Vibe S1 with 45% off.

Pakistan Shopping Day 2017

7. 60% OFF on FILLHOME Furniture and Furniture Accessories!

Do you want to decorate your home before Eid? This is the best time to get the home furniture & accessories. FILLHOME furniture including bed room sets, Furniture, children beds, living room divider, center table, dining table, iron stand, tea trolley and wooden floor, is available on online Shopping Day at 60% discount! Give the best look to your house and make it shine before Eid.

This is the best opportunity for you guys to shop unlimited on 19th May for Ramzan and Eid conveniently by sitting at your home. You just think of a product and you will have it in the best lowest prices. Without any hassle, at the comfort of your home, you can buy all Ramzan and Eid products, be it grocery, Sehri and Iftar items, men and women apparel, footwear, accessories, smartphones, furniture and many more. Just visit here on 19th May, and enjoy unlimited shopping with mind blowing discount offers.

Pick the items, place the order and get them reach to you shortly with Yayvo’s super fast delivery partner TCS. Get ready and grab all that you can!!!

Click Here for Original: PR Source Link

5 Tips on How to Maintain Your Air Conditioners

5 Tips on How to Maintain Your Air Conditioners

Guest Post | April 14, 2017 | category: News

5 Tips on How to Maintain Your Air Conditioners

Air conditioning systems can be complicated and sometimes tricky to work with, especially if you are not an expert. However, this does not mean you should ignore the point that there are things you should know, and at least attempt to maintain the air conditioning system throughout the year. Whether you have an inverter AC that gives off cold or warm air, or own a smart ICEAGE Wi-Fi air conditioner it will require maintenance at some point in time.

To ensure the entire unit functions properly, you have to maintain the coils, filters, and fins every now and then. Neglecting the necessary maintenance eventually leads to a steady decline in the life of air conditioners and destroys its performance and steadily increases its energy consumption. So, to maintain the coolness in your home during hot summer days, let’s take a quick look at the top care tips for your air conditioners.

1.     Change the Filters Regularly

The most significant maintenance tip that will ensure your air conditioners work efficiently is to replace or clean the filters routinely. Dirty or clogged filters block the normal flow of air and reduce the efficiency of systems significantly. With the normal airflow obstructed, the air that bypasses may carry dirt into the evaporator coil directly and impair the heat absorbing capacity. Also, replacing a clogged or dirty filter can lower the energy consumption of your air conditioner by 5-15%.

Generally, some types of filters are the reusable ones, while others require replacements every now and then. It is recommended that every homeowner should change their AC filters every three to six months. It is a fact that most health related problems are caused by poor indoor air quality. Allergens and dust find their way into homes through AC filters that are clogged or dirty.

2.     Set a Timer

It is not likely that someone will be in your home all the time. There are times when you and your family may decide to leave the house, but even if you all stay indoors, you may not need to cool your home constantly through the day. Setting a timer or thermostat control when switching on the split system, can save you a huge bundle of power bills through the month and years. While everyone is at work during the day, there is no point for you to regulate the temperature in your home.

However, it is certainly nice to head back to a cool home after a hectic day at work. This is when you can depend on a smart thermostat or timer to adjust the temperature upon entering your home and ensure you don’t over use it.

3.     Keep the Condenser and Coil Clean

If you own a split air conditioner, you will also want to maintain the portion of the unit that stays outdoors. This portion is important for the continued operation of your air conditioner system and you will want to make sure that you maintain it regularly. Routinely clean the coils and condensers to prevent the entire system from facing further problems.

To minimize the debris and dirt near the condenser unit, you need to keep the area around it clean. Falling leaves, dry dusty air could soon find its place into the condenser and reduce the flow of air.

4.     Lower the Work Load of Your Air Conditioner

If you really wish to save money, an efficient and long lasting air unit is what you need, one that you don’t have to take to professionals for regular services. To ensure that your air conditioner works in the best way, you have to regulate the temperature and you will effectively extend its life and lower the amount of money you will spend every month.

Another tip here is to keep all the windows and doors closed when you turn on your air conditioners. Most people believe that leaving the windows and door open doesn’t affect the cooling. However, this isn’t right. The more you leave the windows open, the more your air conditioning unit will stay turned on to achieve the desired cooling in the home. In the end, you will be left with heavy bills!

5.     Always Purchase from Reliable Brands

When you buy your air conditioner from reliable brands, then you should know that you will be saved from the costs of regular maintenance. However, if your air conditioning systems still face problems, it is advisable that you call in professionals from where you purchased the cooling unit.

Especially during summer, we all know the important role air conditioning systems play to keep our homes cool. Follow these maintenance tips and you are sure to stay away from excessive money spending and you can say goodbye to massive power bills!

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Need some promotional gadget help? Here are 4 things to consider before buying a USB or power bank

Need some promotional gadget help? Here are 4 things to consider before buying a USB or power bank

Guest Post | February 24, 2017 | category: Mobile Phones

Need some promotional gadget help? Here are 4 things to consider before buying a USB or power bank

A buying guide is the most necessary thing a person needs before buying something. It is one of the most clever acts that a person can follow and the same is the case for all those people who are about to buy a USB or power bank for them, or for their loved ones. There are many things that you need to know about but there are some things that mustn’t be ignored. Thus, if you are also a person who is looking for some of the most key features to know about, without wasting time, then you are at the right place. The top 4 things that you should consider are given as follows

  • Similar specifications must not be confused

When you go to buy a USB for your needs you might see some similar devices as both of those can be of the same brand, the same version (like USB 2 or USB 3.0, 5200mAh, etc) and even the same storage space. However, you shall see that one of these costs significantly more than the other. In these situations, make sure that you do not get deceived by always opting for the cheaper one. It is because this significant difference is because of the quality of the components that are used to make up the USB.

If you think this makes no difference then let us tell you it is all that actually matters. The quality of these components shall determine how longer they shall perform without malfunctioning and be durable for longer periods of time too. There are only two things that make up the USB or power bank’s speed, one is the port, and the other, are the components.  Thus, make sure you also opt for the latest version for a faster speed if you desire one as well.

  • Smaller and thinner does not always mean that they are better, so looks can be very deceiving

The biggest problem with all flash drives is that one shouldn’t go by their appearances. The problem also persists if the drives are so big that they cannot be adjoined with other USB ports when they are plugging it in. However, if because of this the size is made smaller but the speed is much affected then. So make sure that you know that the size of the USB is big enough to fit all the needed components in it in a considerable manner and is also not too big to have adjoining port issues as well. So, go for the one which has an intermediate size among all.

  • Limited span

The average cycle for these drives, is between 3,000 and 5,000 cycles so be accepting about it. Hence, do not panic if it stops working after some time. These cycles are already enough for you for sometime.

  • microUSBs

MicroUSBs are also the latest versions of these so you should know that these are useful only when you want to transfer stuff from your phone to your PC.

Hence, keep these in mind and buy your usb only after considering these points.

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Simple Causes of Flu and Cough

Simple Causes of Flu and Cough

Guest Post | February 14, 2017 | category: Health and Beauty

Simple Causes of Flu and Cough

Due to the risk of complications, it’s important to get protection from virus. Since the flu virus can spread from one person to another. If you have had a cough for several weeks or more, it’s a sign that you need to see a doctor. It can the cause of any allergy, digestive issue, allergy or even a disease. Most of the nothing, it’s not anything serious but some signs can tell whether one should be concerned about the cough or not.

Here are a few causes that might be the reason for your lingering cough and flu.

Things in the Air

If you are inhaling polluted air mixed with chemicals like nitric oxide and sulpher oxide, then this can trigger a cough and irritated nose. Dust also does the same thing. Prevent it by not going to such areas or if you really have to go then use a mask to cover your face.

Common Cold

The cough is caused by the viruses that you breathe in with the polluted air through mouth and nose. It’s even possible to catch it from a sick person’s sneeze or touch. In addition to sneezing and runny noses, a cold can get in the throat and cause coughing fits. The course lasts for about a week or so but can cured with a flu or cough medicine.


Asthma is a serious disease and make the airways swell. As a result, it can become hard to breathe and you may cough up mucus if not flu. People often mistake it as a common cold or just cough.

A common cold, flu, stress, exercise, smoke and dust can trigger asthma. A severe case of flu also results in an asthma attack because the airways become narrow. You doctor can help you recognize whether it is a flu, cold or a serious case of asthma.

Spread of Viruses

Flu viruses spread from one person to another, through sneezing by people infected from influenza. People get infected by touching a contaminated area infected by a sick person’s sneeze or cough. Adults suffering from influenza are able to infect others from day one to seven days before their symptoms start to occur. This means a person can transfer germs long before finding out about the flu.

Flu is similar to a cold and infects lungs, nose and throat. The germs and viruses are exposed into the air and can get to you if you are around them or touch the same thing. It’s more likely that the effected person will experience high fever and chills rather than a runny nose.

If you get infected by a common flu or cold, there are some common actions you can take before going to the doctor. Drink plenty of water, take flu and cough medicine to relieve the symptoms and avoid smoking. Medications like Aspirin will help to treat headache, fever and muscle pain. Other antiviral drugs are also prescribed to treat the flu, depending upon the severity of the flu and cough symptoms.

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5 reasons that make USB wallet cards a must for everyone!

5 reasons that make USB wallet cards a must for everyone!

Guest Post | February 8, 2017 | category: Mobile Phones

5 reasons that make USB wallet cards a must for everyone!

USB wallet cards have become the next trendy thing in just about no time at all. They are seen to be used by most people now. It is because they have a lot of things to offer to people than just sharing information and important as well as concrete data when needed. While the reasons are mainly because of the many benefits that are available to people through these USB wallet card solutions, there are 5 top-notch reasons that have been known to be favored by almost every person irrespective of the work category that they belong to. While there are many other reasons too, but the most common and those that have made it to the top 5 list are given below

  • University assignments

Student life is full of moments when you have to do a lot of work without knowing when you would need to do it. Thus, these USB cards kept in wallets serve very handy to save work anytime on the go and be smart at all times in their works and different assignments.

  • Professional souvenirs

Souvenirs are an excellent source of adding impression or forwarding any company’s vision to people in a very easy and attractive manner. People make use of these souvenirs and also unintentionally promote the vision and the brand name automatically as well. Thus, these companies can customize wallets USBs as souvenir cards for promotional purposes too.

  • Gift for all

Normally you cannot give any gifts to a person when you do not know about what their nature or what their like or dislike is. However, with time people have understood the importance of data which is why you can gift these new styled USB cards of greater storage memory as a gift to them at any occasion at all.

  • No expensive cost

The price of anything is directly related to its success all over the world. It can lead to familiarity, success, as well as boosted sales too. Thus, when the price of these USB wallets besides customized USB cards for wallets are not much than ordinary USBs then they are surely a worry free try after all!

  • Customization options

This is probably the best option that can be availed by all. There are a number of varieties that are available for USBs that can be used to be put in everyday wallets and small purses. There are not only different customizable sizes available but there are a lot of styles for design and even taking care of the way you want your USB (to be covered, sliding, etc) as well. They make these extremely friendly and customized to be used very easily by all.

While all of these reasons suit people of all ages and every profession, they have made these USBs a must for everyone. While you also fall in one of these categories, make sure you get your hands onto your own must-have USB for your wallet as well.

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Top 5 USB wallet card customs looks that are worth having!

Top 5 USB wallet card customs looks that are worth having!

Guest Post | February 7, 2017 | category: Mobile Phones

Top 5 USB wallet card customs looks that are worth having!

Almost everyone today knows how different gadgets and their needs change from day to day. These gadgets also get enhanced and transitioned into different forms as the uses also change over time. However, the best part is only availed when these things are of the best style of all and can offer the very best expected out of them too.

Thus, USB wallet cards have no doubt captured the professional as well as the millennials market by storm. It is because these attractive solutions are of great quality besides appearance and their very minimal cost. This is why such a striking and attractive combination is sought by almost everyone irrespective of their age and usage. The many custom looks that have arrived are also one of the most known reasons for the fame of these USB wallet cards. While there are many custom looks available for these USBs to put them easily in one’s wallet, the top 5 ones are given below

  • Promotional USB cards

The smartest and most popular forms of USB cards for wallets are these promotional USB cards that can offer you a lot of promotion for you products service, company, or even your own business card souvenir too. It serves the intended data and the needed additional promotion purpose too.

  • Embedded USB cards

Embedded USB cards for wallets are those that have a chip into them like normal USBs and they cannot slide but inserted directly into you PC or laptop. They are the most traditional forms of wallet USBs of all time.

  • Turning USB cards

Turning USB cards are one variant that have a slot in them and you can twist or turn them to bring the chip side slide out of the form of the card like a swing. In this way you do not need a proper cover and can save your USB from getting spoilt too. It is also a great solution for secrecy appearance-wise.

  • Covered USB cards

USBs are often subjected to malfunctioning and getting spammed due to which a lot of important data and information can be lost. As a result the main purpose of your USB card for wallet is lost so covered USB cards for wallet are designed as a solution in such a way that the chip is not exposed to dust and its particles. In this way these USB cards last longer too.

  • Sized USB cards

These sized USB cards for wallet are a bit less common than the others but they are available in three variants. The first is the pocket-size wallet card which is a bit smaller than the standard wallet USB cards while the others are those that are available for book-size wallets. The third category is a true custom size that can be chosen to be smaller or bigger according to how professionals want them to be.

Hence, now that you know the top 5 trends for these USB cards as wallets, get ready to grab your most suited style now!

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How To Make Headlines For Getting More Clicks and Conversions

How To Make Headlines For Getting More Clicks and Conversions

Guest Post | January 26, 2017 | category: Jobs

How To Make Headlines For Getting More Clicks and Conversions

Headlines are the first sentence or group of words that you see on a story. They have been used newspapers and magazines, but now everything that gets published online also has a headline. There’s a difference between a headline and a title. A title can be long and more dramatic and can describe an article or infographic in great detail.

A headline, on the other hand, is composed of fewer words. This is because there were fewer words allowed for it in the days of printed newspapers. Editors and reporters had to learn to write headlines which were short and punchy and went straight to the point. This way, readers who were looking at papers in the newsstand could already see the headlines. If this was interesting to them, they would buy the actual paper. If not, they would walk away with at least a knowledge that this event had happened.

In today’s modern times, headlines have become important once again. They’re what people read when they see articles on their news feed. Rather than reading the whole thing, people just skim through the headlines and scroll past if it isn’t interesting enough. For businessmen who are counting on clicks and views, this is certainly a big lost opportunity.

Make your headlines catchy and interesting. Appeal to people’s emotions, especially their curiosity. Be exciting but don’t sensationalize it; people don’t like it when the headline promises one thing but the content is totally different when they click to read. Also, headlines should not exceed 20 to 22 words.

We’re offering more creative headline tips to help you get more clicks and conversations. Please take a look at our infographic to learn more tips and tricks.

How To Create Headlines That Get More Clicks and Conversions

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Take the easy way to ask for a referral for a job

Take the easy way to ask for a referral for a job

Guest Post | January 16, 2017 | category: Jobs

Take the easy way to ask for a referral for a job

No matter how capable you are, you need to have something in your job application that helps it get a closer review during the hiring process. Sometimes, if companies don’t have a surety about the kind of a worker or professional you are, they will prefer someone else who they know a little better about. This is nothing out of the order. A recommendation or a referral doesn’t mean that you are taking the short way to get to your goals. It simply means that you want the hiring committee to know how you can be useful to them. The cover letter usually has a mention of the referral you have and that just takes you another step closer to you getting hired.

Importance of referrals in the corporate world

It won’t be wrong to say that referrals are the number 1 source of getting a job in the corporate sector. This is a fast growing and a fast moving sector where there is no room for mistakes and that is why people prefer those candidates, who have a past experience and that too, a good one. This can be assured to the employer by a good referral from someone who takes a minute to personally mention you to the hiring committee.

Why should you ask for a referral?

If you are one of those who feel ashamed to ask for a referral or think that this is probably not the right way to get a job, just take notice of the following points and give it a thought:

  1. Research shows that those you are hired as a result of a referral tend to stay at the job for a longer period as compared to those who don’t have one.
  2. If you sit down and think about it really hard, you will notice that people don’t just give away referrals, they do that as a result of the kind of a person you are and the experience they have had working with you or knowing you.
  3. You are your referral. So, believe in your capabilities and skills while asking for a referral.

Find contacts who are working where you are applying

This is probably the best way to get hired at any place. All you have to do is go to a website where jobs are advertised and people are hired like LinkedIn. Now, search for the company you want to apply in. As you do that, you will see, the website will provide you with a list of people who are already a part of that company. You can ask one of your contacts to give you a referral. This is not just going to help you get the job; it will also take you a long way in the company as that person is always going to be there to guide you through anything. This is why employee referral is considered the best one.

The asking part

This comes across as the hardest thing to do for most people. Therefore, keep in mind the following points as you ask for a referral:

  1. The medium is very important.
  2. Asking for a referral is rather easy and convenient if you do it in writing.
  3. Try not to use the phone for asking a referral.

The Medium

The medium is more important than you might think. It is better to use any medium as long as it gives time to the person who is giving you the referral. If you think about it, a request in writing would give the person more time to think about how he can help you in a certain situation. A standard letter would be fine for this matter or a social media site or maybe even a text if you can’t do much. The person will get the time they need and even if they don’t want to do it, it’s easier to say no through writing than to just say no on the phone.

The don’ts:

You have to keep some things in mind while you go through this step, these might be as following:

  1. Don’t ask people to just write you a reference letter.
  2. Don’t make it impossible for them to say no, if you want a good reference letter.
  3. Don’t leave it all on them if they say yes.

Do it the right way

Show enthusiasm and ask the referrer like you mean it

  1. Make sure that the person who is going to write the reference letter knows about your work.
  2. If they don’t know about your work, make sure you send them an updated copy of your resume.
  3. Stay updated.

Keep yourself updated on recent job openings

One of the most important things to do at all time is that you keep yourself updated about any job openings and other job related websites that can eventually take you towards your dream job. For this, you have to know about some active and helpful websites like, LinkedIn and Don’t keep this process on hold even when you are already doing a job. Building a career is all about the next best thing until you reach what you always wished for. So, never stop fighting for it.

Do a favor or two

Never shy away from extending the same level of courtesy that you might expect other people to extend to you. This can be made sure of if you keep in contact with your professional peers and stay on top of networking. This can get you the right kind of referral when you need one.

Work hard

If you want people to know about the kind of work and the level of work you are doing, never let yourself loose and always work hard. This will not only give you the satisfaction you need but also let everyone around you know that you are good at you job and you have all the tools to reach the heights in your career.

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The best answer to “what is your greatest strength?” during an interview

The best answer to “what is your greatest strength?” during an interview

Guest Post | January 13, 2017 | category: Jobs

The best answer to “what is your greatest strength?” during an interview

I admit, it’s the most annoying moment when your interviewer asks you the most difficult question, “What is your greatest strength?” or “what do you think you can do best?”  There is another question that is asked during the interview that is about your weakness and what you lack as a person or what you would like to work on the most? But then again, it’s easier to present yourself as a modest and grounded person, but the difficult moment comes when you have to boost off about your strengths or what you are really good at.

Find the middle ground

If you look at it a little closer, there are two extremes that you can hit and that is the only chance for you to leave an impression on the people sitting on the other side of the table. You cannot jump into it at the moment, so, take some time and do your homework. What is it that would not sound boastful and at the same time, you have to come up with something that does not make you look as humble as to give an impression that you don’t believe in yourself. That is something you really need to work on. Nobody is going to let you handle their data or a whole wing in an office or a department if you don’t believe in yourself. So, decide what your middle ground is.

Importance of THE question

Do you really want to hit a home run at your interview? Well, there is your moment. If you understand what the answer to this question is, you can really make a difference in your interview. When you apply for any job, follow the following steps:

  1. Do a detailed research about the job and your possible employer.
  2. Understand the qualifications that are required for the job.
  3. Identify the skill you need the most to get the job done once you clear the interview.
  4. Stick to your skills and have faith in yourself and your abilities.
  5. Prepare the right way to express yourself while you clear the point in front of the interview panel.

Reviewing the jobs you apply for

When you are applying for different jobs that might fall under your qualifications, it’s not always necessary that you are going to have all the tools that are required to get the job done. By this, it is not meant that you don’t have the academic qualifications; it rather means that you might or might not have all the personality traits that are needed to tackle different tasks of that particular job.

Creating a story around your strength

You are only going to be able to convince your employer about your strength if you believe in it yourself. Therefore, it is important to create a story plot around your strength in case the interviewer asks you about your strength and how you have applied it in your life before.

Some of the strengths that you could keep in mind right from this day

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and they know about these factors the best and no one else can justify or deny it for them. Given below is a list of some strengths that you need to find in yourself and these can become a great factor to lean on during your interview

  1. Whether you a good leader and can handle situations under pressure.
  2. How good a manager are you?
  3. Whether you like to take an initiative and take up new tasks.
  4. Are you good at meeting a deadline?
  5. How determined are you?
  6. Do you like to take the task right till the end and come up with quick and steady solutions while you are at it?
  7. Are you a quick learner?
  8. How flexible are you?
  9. While tackling the little details, do you see the big picture and the end result of the whole situation?
  10. Do you know all the software required to do the job at the tip of your fingers?
  11. How good are your people skills?
  12. How good can you work in a team?
  13. Can you influence people in doing better work and bringing a change for the better?
  14. How creative are you?
  15. Are you good at coming up with new and improved strategies to take the business forward?
  16. Can you work out a conflict between the people of your team?

These points can help you figure out what you are good at and what are the skills that you can improve by working on them. If you can build a story about how you used one of these skills in getting your job done in your previous job, it will help you a lot.

What if you have no pat job experience?

It is rather easy to figure this process out if you have previously done a job at a place and have applied some of these skills in getting the work done. However, it could be possible that you are fresh graduate and haven’t had the chance to really test yourself. In this case, there is nothing to be worried about, you can start today by recalling any past experiences of a project that you did in your school or college. You could also think about all the internships or volunteer work that you have had the chance to do. If you have any of these in your plate you are good to go. All the experiences of your life tell you a little about the kind of a person you are.


So, from all the points mentioned above, it is very clear that you have a good chance of getting the job of your dreams if you work on yourself a little bit and that is also a skill in itself; how much are you willing to grow and improve. With all these points in your head you can go and nail any interview. So, keep yourself updated and go through the sites that can help you achieve your goals. Some of the websites functioning in Pakistan are,, and

Guest Post by Mahnoor Haroon Niazi

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