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How to Get rid of Trans Fat?

How to Get rid of Trans Fat?

Shahid | October 19, 2017 | category: Health and Beauty

How to Get rid of Trans Fat? Artificial Trans fat (or trans fatty acids) are created in an industrial process that adds hydrogen to liquid vegetable oils to make them more solid. The primary dietary source for trans fat in processed food is “partially hydrogenated oils, .These trans fats are found in snacks, margarine, fried foods and for the dressing of salads and these fats are highly toxic for your body. These types of foods increase HDL [High-density lipoprotein are one of the five major g lipoproteins]. Lipoproteins are complex particles composed of multiple proteins which transport all fat molecules around the body within the water outside cells. And increase your LDL [Low-density lipoprotein are one of the five major groups of lipoprotein which transport all fat molecules around the body in the extracellular water] in your body. It causes stroke and heart diseases. Most of the people are unknown about good and bad fats present in foods that you are using in your routine life.

Actually trans fat is manufactured in industry so it is not a natural product as it is made after turning vegetable oil in to solid fat. It is manufactured by the process of hydrogenation and extremely harm full particularly for heart and artries.Inspite of this heavy danger these fats are widely use in food products especially in fast foods, biscuits, cakes, potato products and certain snack foods. In these food products trans fats are helpful in maintaining taste flavor for a long time.Trans fats are two edged knife ,at one side it increases LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the body and at the same time lowers HDL (good cholesterol).

Ways to get rid of Trans fat

The most popular methods to get rid of Trans fat are two

  1. Detoxification
  2. Cleansing

We will discuss these two methods down here and how these methods help you to minus trans fat gradually from your life.

Firm determination:

Firm determination plays an important role in detoxification. You can have a diary for what you eat ?It would be a daily reminder to detoxify your diet from trans fats containing products. When you have started your plan you have to at least follow it for three weeks continuously.

Use fiber containing foods:

Prefer to eat fruits and vegetables, cereals and whole grains. Usually eat fiber containing foods because fiber helps in binding fats and remove them from the body.

Drink juices:

Drink carrot and vegetable juices daily. These juices contain enzymes which help the body to flush out Trans fat from the body.

Avoid using oils:

Use organically produced fruits and vegetables. Eat vegetables in raw and boiled form. Avoid using oils in food preparation for at least few days while you are on detoxification program. Include walnuts and almonds in your dietary program for detoxification and cleansing.

Avoid eating fast foods:

Use of fast food is becoming common day by day. That’s why trans fat relating diseases are also increasing like heart diseases and diabetes. So, avoid fast foods in your routine life and prefer to eat food prepared at home with healthy ingredients.

Drink enough water:

Use only clean, purified and simple water. Drink at least 12 to 16 glass of water per day to full fill the needs of your body. Water plays an important part in detoxification and cleansing of trans fat from your body.

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Early signs of heart stroke

Early Signs of Heart Stroke

Shahid | October 12, 2017 | category: Health and Beauty

Early signs of Heart Stroke. Now a days heart attack is the most common reason of sudden deaths. Very often heart attacks are unexpected and severe .But most in heart attacks someone feels only a gentle or a little pain or inconvenience. A majority of people who traps by this situation are unable to know that what are they suffering from and pay no attention to consult about a silent heart attack. They may feel a lot like a bout of the stomach bug or the flu or indigestion. Now we will discuss about some signs that can be warning about heart attack;

  1. Chest discomfort:

Commonly in heart attacks victims feel some pain in chest for a few minutes or it goes away and starts after awhile. They can feel uncomfortable pressure, squeezing and heavy pain.

2: Inconvenience in other parts of upper body:

During heart attack you can feel pain in one or both arms, the back, neck jaw or stomach.

  1. Low breathing:

This feeling may occur with or without chest pain.

  1. Some other difficulties of heart stroke:

Some other signs of heart stroke are breaking out in a cold sweat feeling vomit or lightheartedness.

            Symptoms of heart attack in women

Just like men women also face the same difficulties during heart attack such as chest pain or discomfort. But women are somewhat more likely than men to experience some of the other common symptoms, particularly;

  1. Pain between or behind shoulder blades
  2. Fatigue
  3. Dizziness
  4. Nausea
  5. Vomiting
  6. Sweating
  7. Chest pain
  8. Shortness of breath
  9. Back or jaw pain

           Unusual symptoms of silent heart attack

A Number of People suffer heart attack with traditional symptoms as mentioned above. Unusual symptoms include unexplained fatigue, shortness of breath and discomfort in the throat, neck, jaw .Some people feel like h,” Dr. Rimmerman says. “If you feel sustained discomfort for a period of a few minutes, especially if the symptoms are new and without clear explanation, you should not ignore these concerns.” heart burn and they take medicines for its treatment instead of recognizing that pain may be from heart.

Sometimes people feel that something happening wrong with them but they never notice it .They ignore the symptoms. It is observed in a recent case that a patient was feeling food poisoning only for a couple of days ,later he caught by the heart attack. Heart attack can be named as silent killer.


1: Whenever you feel heart burn like problem you should seek care. Don’t let uncertainty lead to regret later for you or your family.

2: Always keep in mind you should not be your own physician.

3: If you experience a distinct change in how you feel, no matter how subtle, you should seek medical attention.

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Best Foods For Vision Protection

Best Foods For Vision Protection

Shahid | October 9, 2017 | category: Health and Beauty

Best Foods For Vision Protection. Eye is the most sensitive organ of our body. So it needs more protection and attention. It is a fact that we learn 90 percent with our eyes in our life. Do not consider health of eyes for granted. You should learn how you can protect your vision up to age of ninety and more. Sound health of vision depends on the type of food you consume on daily basis. Nutrients which may help you to protect yourself from age related eye problems like macular[a very small area at the center of the retina]degeneration and cataracts, are omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, vitamin C and E. To take required amount of these Nutrients you should include following ingredients in your daily diet.

Best Foods For Vision Protection

1: Vegetables containing green leaves

Like spinach, lettuce and other vegetables you can eat as salad with your meal.

2: Oily fish

Like Salmon, tuna, etc.

3: Protein Sources

Other than meat eggs, nuts and beans are the best food for eye health. Almonds, nuts and seeds should also be included in daily diet. The yolk is a main source of lutein and zeaxanthin—plus zinc which reduces the possibilities of macular degeneration risk.

4: Orange-colored and citrus fruits

Citrus fruits and carrots are also helpful in maintaining healthy vision. These fruits are very important for vision protection. A type of vitamin A called Beta-carotene found in these fruits keep the function of retina and other parts of eye in proper condition. These fruits are a great source of vitamin which is also helpful to reduce the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.

5: Billberry

This is a vaccinium herb which is found natively in North America and Europe. It is a rich source of antioxidant, helpful for the remedy of diabetes and improvement of vision. It protects blood vessels from damage due to blood sugar. Billbery is also useful to enhance night vision during evening maneuvers.

6: Lutein and Zeaxanthin

It is important for healthy vision also. It forms a protective yellow pigment in the retina of eye. It lowers the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. The low consumption of this ingredient can cause age related eye problems. It is found in spinach, tomatoes, and carrots. It is also available in form of  supplement.

7:Vitamin B complex(including vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 folic acid, biotin and chorine).

These types of vitamin reduce chronic inflammation and prevent elevated homocysteine levels in the blood, which have been associated with vascular problems affecting the retina. It also helps to reduce risk of macular degeneration and in the treatment of uveitis common cause of blindness.

8: Phytochemical Antioxidant

Photochemical are found in plants extracts, such as those from ginkgo balboa and billberry, it provides protection against oxidative stress in entire body as well as in the eyes.

      Tips for buying Supplements

Best Foods For Vision Protection

When you decide to buy vision supplement you should keep in mind the that these supplements contain popular multivitamins such as,

  • ICaps (Alcon)
  • PreserVision AREDS 2 Formula + Multivitamin (Bausch + Lomb)
  • Oculair (Biosyntrx)
  • Macular Health Formula (Eye Science)

While buying read their labels carefully, check expiry date and seal on the bottle, read about serving size according to age .Avoid eye supplements containing dairy products, corn and wheat as filler especially when you are facing allergies and other intolerance problems. To make sure that you are choosing a well-known brand and must consult your eye doctor, nutritionists and health care physician.

Moreover if you are pregnant or nursing or are taking blood thinners (anti-coagulants), speak to your doctor before using any type of nutritional supplements. Never exceed the dosage instruction mentioned on the bottle to ward off from toxicity or drug reaction although these supplements are non prescription items.

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Healthy weight loss tips

Healthy weight Loss Tips

Shahid | October 6, 2017 | category: Health and Beauty

Healthy weight loss tips. Majority of people is worried about rapid increase in their weight. They want to get rid of their de-shaped bodies and want to look handsome and smart. Excessive weight may cause many diseases like diabetes, blood pleasure, respiratory problems which lead to heart problem. There are many reasons of increasing weight but most common reasons are our modern life style which is getting us away from nature, lack of physical activities, use of fast food and junk food is common in children and adults. For the solution of this problem some people use herbal medicine and some contact to slimming clinics but it may not be affordable for everyone .So here we will discuss about some healthy tips about reducing weight in ways. But people suffering from diabetes, blood pressure and heart and respiratory problems should consult their doctors first.

Healthy weight loss tips are here;

1: Use of water     

Healthy weight loss tips


You must drink fresh and clean water at least, 12 to16 glasses in a day. When you get up after taking complete sleep you should adopt the habit to drink at least two glass of water almost an hour before breakfast. Water helps to exit toxic matters from body. Water is the element 70percent of our body made up of. It is helpful to get rid of constipation.

2: Do Exercise

Healthy weight loss tips

Secondly, you should take exercise at least half an hour a day. It is better to do it in the morning before breakfast and after drinking water. Morning time is four time useful than doing exercise any other time of the day. This habit will give you fast result.

3: Use Honey and Lemon

Healthy weight loss tips

If you want to reduce belly and chest fat in a quick way, use honey or lemon or both at a time in Luke warm water daily before taking breakfast. Honey and lemon contain acids which help your body to burn fats quickly. It provides your body necessary vitamins and minerals which are helpful for the freshness of your skin. Remember use only organic honey other it will be useless.

4: Plan your Diet

Healthy weight loss tips

Above mentioned strategy is helpful only when you avoid foods and drinks that contain sugar and fats e.g. fried diets, cola drinks, butter, cheese etc. Do not eat belly full. Take short meals when you feel hunger. Use fiber containing foods. Drink water half an hour before meal and almost an hour after it. Chew it properly and slowly before you swallow it because it keeps your stomach comfortable, reduces its size and saves you from indigestion.

5: Release Depression

Healthy weight loss tips

Depression also indirectly sometimes increases your weight. You should try to release it by doing some spiritual exercises like yoga. Believers can do their religious worships for the satisfaction of mind. It is useful for the better efficiency of mind and heart. It keeps balance in the working of all senses organs and inner organs of body. Because a man is not only a body structure likes a machine as well as the combination of body and soul. So, be firm spiritually too.

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