Best Summer Hands and feet Whitening Treatment

Beauty of hands and feet matters a lot.  Don’t just spend time and money on the face and neck whitening. If you have white and beautiful hands and feet, they will enhance your beauty. There are lots of reasons behind lackluster hands and feet. Direct UV rays of sun are also the cause of hands and feet darkening. Regular house chores also black the color of hands and feet.

If you have white face and neck and dark hands and feet, it’s really embarrassing. But don’t worry today you will find here the best hands and feet whitening treatment. You can make your hands and feet whiten at home by following the below mentioned home remedies.

Method 1:

  • Two tablespoon Potato Juice
  • One tablespoon Apple cider vinegar

Mix them well in a plastic bowl and. Use potatoes juice with Apple cider vinegar and directly apply on hands and feet with cotton ball let it dry and repeat the process for at least five times. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse with water.

Method 2:

  • Lemon sliced
  • Sugar powder 4 tablespoon

Put lemon slice on sugar powder when it get considerable amount of sugar rub it gently on hands and feet for 15 minutes. It will work like a natural scrub and will exfoliate the dead skin cells and glow the skin.

Method 3:

Lactic Acid is an alpha hydroxy acid and found in yogurt and sour milk. The products with lactic acid are very much effective in restoring your lost beauty. Its use removes the sign of ageing, fine lines, and wrinkles and improves skin texture. But apply the lactic acid products at night only other wise your skin is more susceptible to UV damage.

Apply yogurt and sour milk at hands and feet daily at night and wash away in the next morning. You will see the visible difference in just one week.

These are some Best Summer Hands and feet Whitening Treatment. Hope you people will have benefits.

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