I Cannot Forge Alliance with Zardari in War Against Corruption: Imran Khan

I cannot forge alliance with Zardari in war against corruption: Imran.  PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said he can not forge any alliance with Asif Ali Zardari in war against corruption.

“No one should remain under any delusion that PTI can forge any alliance with Asif Ali Zardari in war against corruption, he said this while talking to media men outside accountability court here Monday.

He held whosoever comes into power in the country he uses all the state institutions for his personal interest. He forces police to record false statements and Attorney General to do his personal work while the latter is meant for the doing jobs of the state only.

“What happed in Model town is example of it. The police never fire bullets on the unarmed persons the way the police fired upon the innocent and unarmed people in Model Town because police were not abiding by law. Police had become domestic servants of Sharif family. Now the court will decide the case”, he added.

He went on to so that real issue is this that they tried in one way or other that if they are thieves then others are also thieves. They filed cases against me in Supreme Court. They filed 6 cases against me in Election Commission. Cases of terrorism were filed against me. Their utmost try is that I should withdraw from pursuing cases against Sharif family, he added.

They are going to give this impression that what case I am facing in supreme court is the same what was in Panama case against Nawaz Sharif, he remarked.

Responding to a question that Capt (Retd) Safdar had said he was original captain and Imran Khan was a fake captain, Imran said he would offer no comment.

To another question Imran said he had announced to support Tahir ul Qadri. “ If he comes on roads we will support him, he added.

To a question that Qadri had come to Pakistan during Zardari regime and now they both are united . How he sees this.

Imran said what happened in Model Town has no precedence in any democracy. That was a peaceful protest, people were unarmed. 14 people were murdered. Police opened fire on 100 people. This is the entire Pakistan case. They were Pakistani and human beings. All parties are united on it.

Responding to a question that Zardari would also be there in Tahir ul Qadri sit in and if he would support him, Imran said had there been war for power then I would have gone there to pull down Nawaz Sharif but it is war against corruption then how can I forge alliance with Zardari party.

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