Celebrate Barbie’s Birthday With 15% Discount on Barbie dolls

Celebrate Barbie’s Birthday With 15% Discount on Barbie dolls. Shoppingexpress.pk and Babytoys.pk is offering the incredible 15 % discount on all Barbie dolls and accessories, on the occasion of Barbie’s birthday. The exclusive discount sale will start from March 9, 2018 to March 15, 2018. A weeklong sale is offering to celebrate the birthday of doll’s princess, Barbie. Buyers will get the exciting offers on all of the Barbie dolls and their accessories.

The imported barbie dolls of brands, such as Barbie and Mattels, will also be on sale. The Barbie dolls and accessories include Barbie princess dolls, Barbie career dolls, Barbie fairytale dolls, Barbie Ken dolls, Barbie fashion dolls, Barbie hair accessories set, Barbie clothes set, Barbie playsets, Barbie doll shoes, Barbie Dollhouses, Barbie dollhouse accessories, and more. It is the best time to buy the surprise birthday gift for the little Barbie fan.

Barbie inspires the girls via the portraying multiple professions and careers. Little girls imagine themselves like a Barbie so they set the target to become like a Barbie princess in the future. The vast collection of Barbie dolls and accessories in Pakistan has over 150 career themed dolls. For instance, Barbie astronaut, Barbie doctor, Barbie babysitter, Barbie career vet doll, Barbie Pediatrician, Barbie gymnast, Barbie chef, Barbie teacher, Barbie player, Barbie pilot, Barbie artist, etc. Kids pretend play with their favorite career dolls and get the inspiration to pursue the same career in future.

As Barbie day follows the international women day, therefore, babytoys.pk and Shoppingexpress.pk is honoring the women by giving the discount on Barbie dolls of inspiring women and characters such as Barbie snow-white, Barbie frozen doll, Barbie Wonder woman, Barbie Faith Hill Doll, Barbie Catherine Doll, Barbie Bella Doll, etc.

Use the coupon code for availing 15% discount on Barbie dolls and accessories.

About Barbie Day:

Barbie Day is celebrated on ninth of March, annually. Over 50 years ago, Barbie doll was introduced to the world. Dolls are depicting the fashion, career, style, characters, inspiration etc. Kids, especially young girls, love to dress-up the doll, pretend play, and recreate the Barbie story. It is fun to collect the Barbie dolls and collectibles for young girls. Therefore, Barbie day sale, by Shoppingexpress.pk and Babytoys.pk, will allow the girls and their parents to get the best deals of Barbie Dolls and accessories.

About Shoppingexpress.pk and Babytoys.pk:

Babytoys.pk is the ace toys shop, who has the enormous collection of USA imported kids’ toys in Pakistan. The e-store ensures the quality and originality of Toys because they import the toys directly from Amazon to Pakistan. Shoppingexpress.pk also falls in same category, who imports Amazon toys in Pakistan. These e-shops know well about the importance of toys for child basic development therefore they offer the best deals on versatile range of toys on different occasions, such as Barbie day sale.

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Celebrate Barbie’s Birthday With 15% Discount on Barbie Dolls
Article Name
Celebrate Barbie’s Birthday With 15% Discount on Barbie Dolls
Celebrate Barbie’s Birthday With 15% Discount on Barbie dolls. Shoppingexpress.pk and Babytoys.pk

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