Partners With Partners With has become a dominant player in the world of e-Commerce in Pakistan. Having expanded exponentially in Lahore, they are now a multi-category e-Commerce platform that not only delivers food from any restaurant to any destination in Lahore but has diversified into an all-encompassing marketplace with different categories like Healthcare & Beauty and Books; whereby you can order OTC medicines from the best pharmacies in Lahore, the best makeup brands and the option to get the best-selling books along with school books, university course packs and stationery items. They are soon launching Cheetay Groceries and aim to take the tech industry by storm by being the go-to last mile multi-category company which is synonymous with e-Commerce in Pakistan.

Being on a trajectory of expansion and well on their way to becoming an omnipresent e-Commerce platform, they have joined forces with According to Ahmed Khan, CEO of

“We’re growing, taking on new challenges and want to reach the top. That can only be possible when you join forces with the best. Having started from Food, we want to be an ubiquitous platform that provides everything the customer needs. On our way to becoming that, it is imperative to partner with notable brands and organizations that ensure quality and reliability. As you grow you want to collaborate with the biggest and best names and can only do so if your reputation precedes you. In doing so, you mould your brand into what you want it to be. Brand name and brand perception can be leveraged positively, therefore, our goal is to collaborate with the best brands and franchises, to increase our business spread and operations

Any company on a trajectory of expansion and growth ascribes to the mantra of collaborating with established Brands to guarantee repeat customers and creating brand loyalists. According to Maaz Raja, Business Development Manager,

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“Having an array of imminent brands in the mix is essential because the consumers view and subconsciously equate top brands with high quality and standards. Therefore, our aim is to collaborate with the best brands, franchises and companies to reach the top and be the best”.

 The company since its creation has witnessed rapid growth by launching new business verticals. Apart from adding technology and building their logistics base, they plan to focus on providing the masses with the best brands and partnering with franchises that are most in demand and preferred.

 About is a last mile e-Commerce platform which provides people with an instant logistics service by integrating practical payment solutions to make order placement and timely delivery a reality. Cheetay started off with food delivery but has expanded its business verticals to delivering health and beauty products, home-cooked food (The Cheetay Tiffin), books and will be venturing into the realm of delivering a plethora of grocery items to the customers at home. They offer convenience by placing an order with the click of a button through their cutting-edge app and website.

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