Coconut Homemade Soap For Glowing & Acne Free Skin In Winter

Coconut Homemade Soap For Glowing & Acne Free Skin In Winter

Today you will find here how to make coconut soap at home. Coconut is very effective for the skin problems. Its oil use does not heal the skin rashes and dryness but also helps to removes acne and dark spots of the skin.

The use of Coconut oil is very much effective especially in winter. It works like a good quality night cream and offer smooth and glowing skin.

Coconut oil includes in a number of soaps but today you will find here the chemical free coconut homemade soap recipe for having flawless skin.

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Ingredients for Coconut Soap:


  • Coconut oil 30 ounces
  • Sodium hydroxide or lye 4.7 ounces
  • Water 10 ounces
  • Essential oils optional I ounce
  • Color (optional)


First of all melt the coconut oil in a pan and set aside.

In another pan add Sodium hydroxide or lye then add water and mix well and set aside to let it cool.

Now take a ceramic bowl and add the Sodium hydroxide warm mixture in it and add lukewarm coconut oil. Now mix them well with wooden spatula. Mix it until it get thick texture shape, then add essential oil and color and mix.

Pour the mixture into the desired mould and allow cooling. You can also cool the coconut soap in the refrigerator.

Your homemade Coconut Soap is ready. Use it daily for having glowing and acne free skin.

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