Are you an Ice-Cream Lover and love to eat it daily. Wait a moment and think do you really eat the pure dairy products? Are these Ice-Creams are healthy and made with pure ingredients?

Of course not, the Ice-Cream companies in Pakistan are fooling customers by not making their products with real dairy products. Recently, Punjab Food Authority has issued a notice stating that Walls, gourmet, Omore and other companies like them are in fact selling frozen desert in the name of ice-cream.


You will be shocked to know that the Ice-Creams are made with the pure dairy products that offer a bunch of health benefits while the frozen deserts are made up of vegetable oil that cause health hazards.

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These companies are fooling people as they are eating pure dairy item but the reality is entirely different. It’s not only the waste of money but also contains health hazards.

This is not the first time we see that the food item companies fooling people. There are a number of reports revealed that food companies in Pakistan are developing low quality products just to gain profits.

Health should be our first priority. It is said that health is wealth. So don’t compromise on the quality of products if you want to live a healthy life.


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