A superstar female wrestler, Joan Laurer, who was famously known as “Chyna” was found dead  in her apartment situated in Redondo Beach.

She joined WWE in 1997, after only one year training by the Legendry Wladek also known as “killer Kowalski”. After that she became a member of D-Generation X, where her peers were world famous Shawn Michael and Triple H

Chyna is the first and only woman till now who has won the intercontinental championship. She is also claimed to be the first woman to compete in the “Royal Rumble” and “King of the Ring”, interestingly, the earlier mentioned two events were considered to be male-only special events which were held annually. Chyna is also named as the number one contender of the company’s heavyweight title.

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But to her fan’s disappointment, her career didn’t last long, as she quit the company in 2001.

Various famous WWE (former and current) superstars shared their thoughts with the media after knowing about her death.

Shawn Michael said that he woke up to the news of her death and he was very sad to hear about it. According to him Chyna was an amazing lady and he would  miss her greatly.

Triple H strongly admired her in words as she was not afraid to blaze her own trail and that she created a path for others to follow.

Hulk Hogan expressed deep sorrow on her death saying that he was devastated over her death. He praised her in such words that she had a beautiful soul.

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Kevin Nash prayed for her saying that may the peace she was seeking put her at rest.

Natalia sent her wishes for her family saying that she was sad to hear the news. She also commented that Chyna was a revolutionary woman.

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