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Gone are the days when medicine was purchased at pharmacy and general stores. Today’s modern era has changed the way people shop for medicine. Like so many similar markets that have witnessed the rise of e-commerce in Pakistan, pharmacy shops are also emerging as virtual online stores. is among the newly formed e-commerce businesses. Unlike other online stores, this virtual shop sells something as unique as medicinal drugs. It is actually known for selling all kinds OTC drugs, prescription drugs, personal care items and medical equipment.

In just a short span of time, has garnered a lot traffic and loyal customers who make it their go-to shop every time they want to purchase a medicine. This is the result of the recent technological evolvement in revolutionizing the world of shopping. The online drug store is a strong evidence that e-commerce has taken roots and it is here to stay.

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Due to the recent success of, the shop is rewarding the shoppers with an opportunity to avail some of the most amazing discounts on medicine. The discounts will be available on the website for three continuous days, starting from 1st and will last till the 3rd of November.

Prescription Drugs Available Online at flat 20% Discounts - Buy Medicine online in Pakistan

Shop from home all the medicines that are not easily available in the market. Now you can buy medicine online in Pakistan on flat 20% discount on all prescription drugs. It is true that ordering medicine online sounds strange, but when there is a good deal available on all the drugs, then who wouldn’t want to shop?

There is nothing better than buying a medicine at an online store and avoiding the hassle of going from shop to shop in search of a single prescription drug. This sale is the best time to buy all the prescription drugs for the sick and elderly. You can count on the store to have all kinds of drugs from diabetes, asthma, cholesterol, antibiotics, gynecology, and urology to blood pressure and much more.

Enjoy 20% Discount on all Medical Equipment

Aside from medicine, the biggest online store in Pakistan has also planned a flat 20% discount on medical equipment. The three day long sale will ensure that you purchase all the simple and complex medical equipment at affordable prices. All medical equipment from stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, heating pad, to compressor, and thermometer will be available on the shelves for sale on the 1st of November. - Buy Medical Equipment online in Pakistan

Are You: Suffering From Body Ache? Try Turmeric Drink where you can buy medical equipment online in Pakistan only keeps authentic and reliable products so there is no possibility of getting fake medicines at your door. Even the discounts and deals in the month of November will only include the drugs from some of the most renowned and recognized brands in the country.  Find the manufacturers and medicines with discounts beforehand and enjoy the three day long sale.

The sale is just around the corner, everything is set but now it’s time for you to get your wallets ready. Don’t forget to check out the discounts and make a purchase to experience the amazing service from shopping to door-step delivery.

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