Exclusive Video of Hamza Ali Abbasi on Receiving Uproar on Ahmadi’s Favor
Famous actor Hamaza Ali Abbasi has released his exclusive video after receiving uproar on Ahmadi’s Favor during live Ramadan transition on a private TV channel.
It is to tell you that Hamaza Ali Abbasi has criticized the persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan. He also questioned the state authority in declaring a specific sect as non-Muslim.
Now he released a Video on social media he backtracks from his words and accepted that Ahmadis were considered non-Muslim by the majority of Pakistani population.
He also defends his saying that his act of speaking about the problems of Ahmadis community is not prohibited by the Law (which declared Ahmadis non-muslims).
For complete details you can watch the video by Hamaza Ali Abbasi on daytimes below:

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