Everyone knows that excess of everything is bad. Now a day people especially our youth is too much inclined towards social media. They remain busy in surfing, chatting, texting and calling all the day that may be the cause of fatigue and depression among them. A study by the Institute of Mantel Health said that too much use of social media is becoming the cause of youth damage.

The US based study involved approximately 1,800 men and women ages of 19 to 32, in order to conduct the final findings.

They found that already depressed people are more apt to use social media more frequently than others because they have not enough courage to make direct relationship. Many people think about their self that they are not living idealized life as other tend to present themselves on their social media profiles. This phenomenon may be called “Facebook Depression”.

The too much use of social media makes them more depressed. People have the natural tendency to be liked by the people. This tendency sometimes turns into negative effect when they don’t get the desired results. The depression rate can be different among the people according to age. It’s somehow depended on the use of social media on how it affects the mood and has mental health issue. We should take social media as a good tool to communicate and linked with friend and family members whom we can frequently meet. It can be a tool of getting happy moments of life rather depressed ones.

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