FFC Annual Results Reflect Corporate Professionalism

FFC Annual Results Reflect Corporate Professionalism.  Keeping up to the reputation of professionalism, dedication of its workforce and foresight of the management, Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC) has announced financial results for the year 2017 with Net Profit of Rs. 10.71 billion translating into EPS of Rs. 8.42. Company declared dividend of Rs3.00 per share for the quarter thus aggregating Rs7.00 per share for the year 2017.

Notwithstanding the market fluctuations and daunting business challenges due to regulatory uncertainty, coupled with other complexities, FFC has been able to come up to expectations of its shareholders and stakeholders by remaining socially and ethically responsible. On the production front, company crossed 2,500 thousand tonnes Urea production for second consecutive year while attaining record ever highest Urea sales of 2,697 thousand tonnes.

Highest ever FFC DAP imports and its sales over 500 thousand tonnes were also recorded during the year. This success has only been possible by adopting comprehensive mitigation strategy to brave the negative impact of the market through stringent cost control measures and professional management of financial operations.

Income on Investments and deposits were recorded at Rs 1.16 billion. Dividend income of Rs. 2.28 billion was recorded for the whole year while contributions to the exchequer amount to Rs 5.03 billion during 2017.

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FFC Annual Results Reflect Corporate Professionalism
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FFC Annual Results Reflect Corporate Professionalism
FFC Annual Results Reflect Corporate Professionalism. Keeping up to the reputation of professionalism.

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