Now a day it’s an emerging trend to have white body with skin whitening injections, creams or skin whitening capsules. These treatments are bit costly and not everyone can afford it.  In order to solve this issue we are here with a best and highly effective homemade body whitening drink. This homemade body whitening drink is not only effective but also 100% safe to use as it contains purely herbal ingredients. You can use this drink daily for at least two months for having complete body whitening.

Ingredients for homemade body whitening drink:

  • Water 5 cups
  • Regular Tea one teaspoon
  • Safar jal (bahi) leaves 6
  • Rose petals half cup
  • Fennel seeds (Sonf) one tea spoon
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In a add water and regular tea and boil for few minutes. Now add rest of the ingredients and boil until water remains 3 cups. Your Homemade Body whitening Drink is ready. Let it cool and drink three times a day.


Don’t use cold drinks, junk foods and oily items when you start drinking this above Homemade Body whitening Drink. Must walk for at least 10 minutes after drinking Homemade Body whitening Drink.

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