This Huawei Charge Tech Charges Battery from Zero to 48% in Just 5 Minutes

This Huawei Charge Tech Charges Battery from Zero to 48% in Just 5 Minutes. Huawei has demoed a new fast-charging technology that has the ability to charge the smartphone’s battery from 0-48% in a just 5 minutes.

The company has tested the new technology at the Huawei Watt Lab – is claimed to charge smartphone batteries 10 times faster than conventional batteries. Huawei’s official YouTube channel has recently posted a video which displayed the company’s ‘next-generation fast charge’ technology.

The battery itself is of 3,000 mAh capacity, which is about usual for most smartphones nowadays. Huawei also had another battery to demonstrate which charged up to 68% in two minutes.

Huawei also claims that this amount of charge will be enough for a 10-hour talktime.

But you don’t charge the battery inside the phone – means you need to put battery out of your phone charged in an external device.

However the removable batteries are not in fashion now a days but may make comeback, which almost looks impossible due to the increase demand of unibody design and premium materials.

On the other hand the video does not disclose any information regarding the market arrival of Huawei’s fast charging technology. But some of the reports suggest that the Chinese smartphone maker might showcase the fastest charging technology at the MWC 2018 next month.

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