Hum TV has aired the 1st Episode of Drama Serial Laaj On 23rd July

Hum TV has now officially aired the 1st episode of romantic drama serial Laaj. The drama serial Laaj is based on the social issues like honour killing, significance of education for women and early (forced) marriage.

Drama serial Laaj is a family drama written by Edison Idrees Masih and directed by Fahim Burney under the  Fahim Burney and Moomal productions. The title song of Laaj is sung by Faiza Mujahid and composed by Sohail Haider. You can listen the OST of Laaj below:

The star cast of the Laaj is as follow:

  • Zarnish Khan as Zainab,
  • Iqra Aziz as Mannat
  • Hafiz Mohsin Ali as Shahmir
  • Asma Abbas as Bari Sahab
  • Saleem Sheikh as Dilawar
  • Kamran Jeelani as Chaudhry Jahanzaib
  • Sabeeka Imam
  • Haajra
  • Imran Ahmad
  • Muhammad Ashraf Rahi
  • Mirza Zain Baig as Shahzeb
  • Nayyar Ejaz as Sikandar

You can read full written Episode 1 of drama serial Laaj  on 23rd July 2016 on Daytimes.

Laaj start with a wedding of Mannal with Sajad. Zainab asks Chaudhry Jahanzaib to marry her but he rejects by saying that they have age difference. But she keeps on insisting that she loves him and will wait for him whole life.

On the other hand is Mannat is not happy with her marriage, she tells Shahmir (who is her lover) that she is just doing compromise. She ridicules him for not keeping his promises that he made in love with her.

She tells Zainab that she will not go her In Laws House because she is not happy with this marriage as she is forced to marry with Sajad in order to solve family issues.

On the other hand Mannat’s In laws plains to get the family property from Bari Sahab and say if they don’t give our ancestor’s property we will not allow to Mannat to come to their house and also divorce her. Sajad’s mother tries to make him understand that he should not go for property form Mannat’s Family, but he refuses to accept her mother’s Advice.

Manaat’s family do preparations for her reception, while Shahzeb asks Zainab to talk to his family for her wedding, because she is his best friend and can only help him.

Zainab take cares of whereas he asks her not to do all that because he does not want to marry her Chaudhry Jahanzaib. He asks her that he will ask Bari Sahab to make her marry with a good guy, but she keeps on teasing Jahanzaib that she loves her and can do anything for him.

Then Zainab thinks about the story of six years ago, where all the kids play together. Little Chaudhry Jahanzaib tells little Zainab why not she buying Bangles, she said she does not have money. When Jahanzaib sees this he takes Zainab with him and opens her money box and tells her that she can take money form her money box as she does not need to ask for money to anyone.

When the kids grow younger, Bari Sahab says Zainab to ask Jahanzaib to merry Meena. Zainab asks Jahanzaib to refuse for marrying Meena but he said he likes her and want to marry Meena.

Zainab gets ready Mannat. While Mannat asks her to give her poison as she does not want to live with Sajad. She criticizes the tradition and customs who bind her to unwillingly marry Sajad.

Mannat’s In Laws come and Bari Sahab asks Zainab not to allow Mannat to meet them until she allow.

Bari Sahab meets Sikandar and asks what he wants. He tells her that he wants ancestor’s property. He shows her Nurpur’s property paper and asks Bari Sahab to sign on them. She tells Bara Sahab has transferred this property to Zainab and he removed Sikandar from his house. Sikandar lays bets in front of Bari Sahab, either sign on property papers or have divorce for Mannat.

Bari Sahab said that she prefer Mannat’s divorce over the property. Shahzeb tries to make Sajad understand that why he is doing all that as Mannat is his wife but he said she is no more her wife as he is giving her divorce.  For the Laaj Episode 2 full written story stay tuned with us…….

You can watch the full Video of  drama serial Laaj 1st Episode online.

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