Imran Asks Ali Zaidi To Standby With Farmers Against Sugar Mafia

Imran asks Ali Zaidi to standby with farmers against sugar mafia. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan telephoned Ali Zaidi, asking him to standby with farmers in fight against sugar mafia.

Following the telephonic conversation with Imran Khan, Ali Zaidi held a meeting with Sindh Chamber of Agriculture Qabool Muhammad Khatian and supported his demand of selling sugarcane on government rates.

Ali Zaidi said that Asif Ali Zardari is head of sugar mafia in Sindh and he is the biggest hurdle in payment of sugarcane prize fixed by the government. According to him Sindh government fixed the price of 182 rs for 40 KG sugarcane while farmers are forced to sell it at Rs 130 per 40 KG.
He warned that the PTI wouldn’t allow sugar mafia under Asif Ali Zardari to exploit poor farmers, saying they would support farmers for their right demands. He said they would come on roads if less payment was made to farmers.

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