Lose your weight With Chia Seeds

Lose your weight With Chia Seeds

Everyone who gain weights desires to look smart and attractive but for this hard efforts, dedication and stamina is must required thing. Looking smart is like an unfeasible dream, that never become part of reality. But now “Chia seed” will make easy for you to have your target weight with a less entail effort. As Chia is a herbal plant that helps in losing weigh having no side effects?  It helps in boosting energy level, food craving and give you a longer work out time with relax emotional and physical state.

Chia tea as Weigh Reducing Agent

Methods of using Chia tea:

Grinded Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds can be use in powder form and it will give you more benefits as body can easily absorb Chia seed so grind these seeds and use it with water intake daily 3 times or you can also use this powder with your food like you can use this powder chia on smoothies, soups or even meat that chicken and meat dishes.

Chia Seed juice

Take a glass having chia seed before going on work out or exercise will give you muscle relaxation, energy and helps in lose of weight as body will burn more calories with no fatigue.

Chia seed in Soup

You can use Chia seed powdered form in your soup , the soup will help in making your weight control and will thicken your soup.

Chia seed in Smoothie

You need to lose weigh and want to enjoy smoothie too so stay relax and have it:Mix two cups of milk , a cup of soaked Chia seeds, 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder, a tablespoon of vanilla and a tablespoon of sweeter of your choice now usee blender to blend them until they smoothen and then Put them in a fridge and enjoy chill smoothie.

No egg in Baking

Use 1 tablespoon of grounded chia seeds with  three tablespoons of water per egg in a baked recipe , it will work like egg and will make your baked item free to eat.

Chia seed will help you in reducing weigh and staying slim and smart with no more hard work outs. Just have chia seed in your routine and boost up your energy level.

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