Salahuddin Breaks Engagement with Jeena In Mann Mayal Episode 22 on 20th  June 2016. In the Episode 22 of Mann Mayal, Salahuddin asks Minahil if she does not want to talk to him. She told him that she hates him. On the other hand Salahuddin asks Jeena to go to her home and asks why she is staying here. Jeena tells him she cares for him and takes a promise to him that he will marry her not Mannu.

He asks Jeena to go to the office to handle office affairs. Jeena doubts that if she will go office, Salahuddin will get a chance to talk to Mannu in detail. She denies but later she agrees to go to office.

Salahuddin tries to talk to Minahil and take breakfast for her and her children. She askes Mannu if she will stay here if he marries Jeens.

On the other hand Jeena taunts Mannu that due to her she is not able to get the love of Salahuddin. He heard all her conversation.

Jeena complains Salahuddin’s mother that her son is going to marry a divorce girl Minahil, she should ask to him. This thing raises Salahuddin’s anger and he breaks engagement with Jeena.

The drama serial Mann Mayal starring Maya Ali,Hamza Ali Abbasi, Saba Hameed, Aiman Khan,Ayesha Khan,Vasay Chaudhry,Talat Hussain,Arjumand Rahim,and Gohar Rasheed. It is directed by Haseeb Hassan and is written by Samira Fazal. The title song of Mann Mayal “Tere Naal Mein Laiyan” is sung by Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch and Shuja Haider.
Hum TV drama serial Mann Mayal is produced by Momina Duraid, Sana Shanawaz,Samina Humayun and Tariq Shah.

You can also watch the Drama Serial Mann Mayal Episode 22 full Video on 20th June 2016 Full video on daytimes below:

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