Mann Mayal Episode 25 Written Updates: Salahddin Decides to Marry Manahil

In Episode 25 of Mann Mayal, Manu ask Salahddin to keep away from her as her mother does not like all this. Salahddin tries to keep Manu happy and bring some eatables and toys for her children. His mother does not feel happy after seeing that his son Salahddin is wasting his money on Manahil. She treats Manu like a servant and asks her to do domestic chores.

On the other hand Jeena ask Salahddin ‘s mother to talk to him for marriage. She also flatters his mother and brings a beautiful dress for her.

Jeena also ask Jameel to persuade Salahuddin for marriage her but when he talks to Salahddin he said he would have to marry Manahil earlier.

When Salahddin sees Manu doing work like a servant he feels angry and ask her mother why she is treating Manu like this. He becomes very disappointed and tells Jeena that he decided to marry Manahil and breaks his engagement with her.

You can also watch the full video of episode 25 of Mann Mayal on 11th July, 2016 on Daytimes below.


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