Mehru To Apart From Shahraz in KathPutli Episode 2
In the written episode 2 of hum TV drama Kathputli you will find that it’s a wedding ceremony of Mahru Nisa’s brother. Her mother invites her sister in law with her family to attend the wedding of her son. At the wedding ceremony Shahraz, who is the hero of the drama serial Kathputli, tries to see Mahru, his fiancé. He loves her a lot but Mehru’s brother does not like his coming to his house.
Mahru’s brother has a cheap mentality; he always tries to confine Mahru in the four walls of the house.
When he sees Mahru and Shahraz meeting lonely, he becomes furious and insults him harshly. On the other hand Shahraz mother feels angry on the insult of her son and breaks their engagement. Mahru’s mother apologies her and asks her not to break engagement but she remains firm on her decision and leaves her home.
Mehru feels very dishearten when she found that she lost her love. For complete story you can watch the Kathputli Episode 2 full video on 18th June 2016 daytimes below:

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