Mikaeel Kidnaps His Children in Drama Serial Mann Mayal Episode 28

Now you can watch and You can read full written story of drama serial Mann Mayal Episode 28 on 1st August 2016 on Daytimes.

Jameel takes Manahil and her children to the park, where Mikaeel comes and takes children away. Manahil becomes so worried and calls Salahudin, who beats Jameel and asks where is the children. Jameel tells the truth that Mikaeel takes away children with him.

Jameel comes to Jeena’s house and tells that Salahudin knows everything now. He tells Jeena to marry him but Jeena refuses and instantly records all conversation.

On the other hand Manahil and Salahudin go to Mikaeel’s house to take kids but Mikaeel refuse to return kids. Manahil says to Mikaeel that she is not going to marry Salahudin. Mikaeel offers Mannu to come to him again if she wants kids.

Both come back home and Salahudin’s mother ask where the children are. Why he is not returning them? Manahil feels dejected.

Jeena sends the recordings to Salahudin. He comes to Jeena house and asks Jameel to go away from here. He also insults Jameel and calls to police, but Jeena asks him not to call Police, just to ask her to leave Karachi.  Jeena asks Salahudin to stay with her at night because she is frightened from Jameel.

Manahil calls Salahudin while Jeena receives the call and pretends that both are together.

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You can watch the full Video of drama serial Mann Mayal Episode 28 online on Daytimes below.

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