Nawaz Sharif Threatens to Disclose Official Secrets

Nawaz Sharif threatens to disclose official secrets if his party will be stopped in next general elections. Former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday threatened to disclose the official secrets if any one tried to stop the way of victory of his party Pakistan Muslim League-N in the next general elections being held this year.

Addressing a press conference here at the Punjab House along with galaxy of party leaders and workers, Nawaz Sharif, who was hopeful to win the next general elections said some quarters are trying to block the way of PML-N and interested to give space to some of their favourite candidates.

He said only democratic system is suitable for the county and he made it clear that the next general elections should be free, fair, transparent and impartial and all the political parties and candidates should be given even handed opportunities to contest the elections without any hindrance.

He said let the democracy should flourish in the county as the future progress and prosperity of the country is linked and associated with the democracy. Nawaz Sharif who was in Suadi Arabia for the last couple of days and held meetings with the Saudi leadership, expressing apprehensions for interference in the forthcoming general election, said people should be allowed to express their will and opinion through transparent, fair and free elections without any interference from any sector.

He said let the people decide to elect their representatives though the process of democracy and announced that no other system can replace the democratic process. He said any such effort will not be acceptable. He said any controlled democracy through any mean other than the elections, is worst system and it is a form of dictatorship.

He alleged that some quarters are making efforts to give some space to those blue eyed politicians who believed in levelling baseless allegations, do the politics of sit-ins although these elements have been rejected by the people time and again in the elections held in the country in the past.

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Nawaz Sharif said right from first former Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan, no prime minister in the county was able to complete its tenure due to conspiracies hatched against democracy.

He said some elements are still active again to defame democracy and involved in hatching conspiracies against the political leaders. He said some elements are trying to prove that decision of the people coming through general elections is wrong and they wanted to impose their will on the people of the country through stopping the way of the real political leaders who believe in the supremacy of the democracy and give due respect and honour to the will of the people. He said it is very strange that first general elections in Pakistan were held after 23 years of its independence but the results of these elections were not accepted that caused a great loss to the country. He said once again it has been projecting that the decisions of the people given through the general elections will not be acceptable if the people will vote for PML-N.

He claimed that the vote bank of the PML-N has been increased in the last couple of years and he hoped that the PML-N will win clear majority in the next general elections being held this year and some elements are busy to stop the way of the party.

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He urged the media, intellectuals and all the political leaders to join hands to strengthen democratic process in the country instead of indulging in personal differences.
Commenting on the Tweet message of American President Donald Trump, the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said, “It was non-serious tweet” as a president of a country should not give such irresponsible statement against any other country which is against the diplomatic norms.

He said after the incident of 9/11 Pakistan paid heavy price and sacrificed lives and even got huge financial losses in the war against terror.

Nawaz Sharif said if there will be a democratic government on the occasion of 9/11 incident, then it will not compromise on the national interest, honour and pride. He said when PML-N took over the government in 2013 after the general elections, it adopted a very comprehensive foreign policy and played a very important role in the war against terror that also included zarb-e-azab and other such actions.

He said United States and international community should acknowledge and give due respect to the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in the war against terror which has broken the back bone of the terrorists. He said Pakistan will not accept any threat from United States and did not rely only on the financial aid from USA. He said the financial support under Collisions Support Fund is not aid.

He said he had asked Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to adopt a comprehensive foreign policy so that the country should not have to rely on foreign aid and it had not be attacked with such statements as given by President Donald Trump.

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He said he remained Prime Minister for three times, and well aware to many secrets, therefore the politicians should review their characters. He said there is need to have personal accountability in the country especially by the politicians adding that he had said on many occasions that there should be review of internal house why the international community has negative thinking against Pakistan.

He said there should be loud thinking that why the world is not listening to Pakistan’s point of view despite the fact that Pakistan’s army, police and other security agency officials gave sacrifices in the war against terror but the narrative of the international community has not been changed.

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Nawaz Sharif threatens to disclose official secrets
Article Name
Nawaz Sharif threatens to disclose official secrets
Nawaz Sharif threatens to disclose official secrets if his party will be stopped in next general elections

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