OGRA Wants increase in Petroleum Prices Up to Rs13 Per Litre From April 1

OGRA Wants increase in Petroleum Prices Up to Rs13 Per Litre From April 1

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) has Proposed to increase the price of Fuel in the country from 1st April, 2017.  In this regard Ogra has projected to Federal Government today on Thursday to increase the petroleum prices up to Rs13 per litre following fluctuations in global crude prices. Ogra has sent a summery to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources for increase the Petroleum product prices.

The final decision will be approved on Friday on the increase of Petroleum Prices.

New Prices of Petroleum Products:

Ogra had proposed an increase of Rs.2.28 per litre for petrol, Rs.2.04 for high-speed diesel (HSD), Rs.13 for kerosene oil and Rs.7.75 for light diesel oil (LDO).

After the increase the price of petrol will be of Rs75.28 per litre which is presently at Rs.73 while the price of high speed diesel will go up to Rs.84.04 per litre from the current Rs.82.

On the other hand the kerosene oil will be available at  Rs.57 per litre from the current of Rs.44 and the price of LDO will increase from Rs.44 to Rs.51.75 per litre.

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