Peshawar Zalmi to Host Fata Super League Starting From April 3

Peshawar Zalmi to Host Fata Super League Starting From April 3

The Pakistan Super League 2 Champion Peshawar Zalmi has declared to host the Fata Super League which is scheduled to kick off from April 3 to April 13, revealed a statement issued by the Peshawar Zalmi

The statement revealed that all the matches of Fata Super League will be played in four stadiums in FATA and 24 teams will participate in the tournament. The 11-day Fata Super league will comprise 67 matches.

The tournament will feature top cricketers including Salman Butt, Umar Amin, Mohammad Rizwan and others.

Winning team will be awarded Rs0.6 million while the runner-ups will get Rs0.3 million.

The owner of the franchise Javed Afridi said that the tournament will offer excellent opportunity to the talented cricket players of the region and the propose of the Fata Super League is to endorse the positive and peaceful image of Fata.

He added that the success of this T20 league will fetch more ordinariness to the area and is fully supported by the Pakistan Army and the politicians. It is worth mentioning here that in November 2016 retired army chief Gen Raheel Sharif inaugurated a cricket stadium in Khyber Agency with cricketer Shahid Afridi.

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