Prince Pearl REX7 800cc Hatchback 2019 Specifications and Price in Pakistan

A brand new Prince Pearl REX7 800cc hatchback 2019 by Regal Automobiles and DFSK Group of China all set to arrive in the first quarter.

There is a good news for those who want to purchase the cost effective vehicle in Pakistan, Regal Automobiles and DFSK Group of China have signed an agreement in order to launch the brand new Prince Pearl REX7 800cc hatchback 2019 in the country.

Regal Automobiles, country’s third largest motorcycle manufacturers which is selling the  vehicles under ‘Prince’ brand name is all set to launch the Pearl Rex7 hatchback.

The Prince Pearl REX7 800cc hatchback will definitely throw a tough competition to the Suzuki Alto and the United Bravo.

As per the details the new 800cc car will be launched in the first half of the ongoing year with the brand name Prince Pearl REX7. It is reported that the 800cc hatchback is already in Pakistan and under the test on the roads.

 Variants of Prince Pearl REX7

The new Pearl REX7 will be made available having the two variants an automatic and manual version.

This will run with the top speed of around 120-130km/h as it is equipped with the 40 hp at 5,500rpm and 60 Nm of torque.

Prince Pearl REX7 800cc Hatchback 2019 Specifications and Price in Pakistan


The dimension of the 800cc car is likely to be 3610mm with a width of 1570mm and height of 1490mm, while the wheelbase of the car is 2345mm.

Prince Pearl REX7 Specifications:

Have a look at the main specifications of the Pearl REX7 below:

LCD infotainment system

796cc water-cooled EFI engine

40 horsepower

60 Nm torque

Ground clearance: 145mm

Turning radius: 4.5m

Steering Type: Rack and Pinion with Electric Motor

Fuel Type/capacity: Petrol/27L

Mileage City: 22 KM/L

Mileage Highway: 25 KM/L

Transmission Type: Manual and Auto

Seating Capacity: 5 persons

Brakes: Front: Discs, Rear: Drums

Suspension: Front: McPherson independent; Rear: Coil Spring

Tires: 155/65R13 etc

Prince Pearl Features:

Power window

Modern-looking LCD

Power steering

Central locking


Aluminium Rims

Air conditioner


Prince Pearl REX7 Price in Pakistan:

It is expected that the company will retail this 800cc car with the price tag nearly 7 to 8 lac.


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