Punjab Food Authority has been taken instant action and put ban on the 50 sub-standard Oil and Ghee Products in the province. The sample test of 142 oil and ghee products by the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) has revealed that 92 out of 142 products passed, 26 are extremely dangerous for health while 24 do not meet the nutritional standards.

Punjab Food Authority has advised the public not to use these below mentioned sub standard oil and ghee products to avoid any health hazard. PFA demands to remove the fail oil and ghee products from the market and to fine these companies one million rupees each.

However the companies whose products do not meet the nutritional standard PFA asked them to improve the quality of the products within one month.

All the below mentioned name of ghee products are labeled as dangerous for health by the PCSIR.

  • Commander Banaspati
  • Sultan Banaspati
  • Salvi Banaspati
  • Zaiqa Banaspati
  • Evian Flower Oil
  • Mujahid Banaspati
  • Shahtaj Banaspati
  • Sehr Banaspati
  • Sehr Cooking Oil
  • Amber Banaspati
  • Pure Oil Premier Banaspati
  • Kisan Sunflower Oil
  • Kausar Banaspati
  • Gaye Banaspati
  • Savera Banaspati
  • Seasons Banaspati
  • Yadgar Banaspati
  • Darja-e-Awal Banaspati
  • Darja-e-Awal Cooking Oil
  • Hafeez Banaspati
  • Taza Banaspati
  • Dua Banaspati
  • Asia Banaspati
  • Shahbaz Banaspati
  • Care Banaspati
  • Latif Banaspati

The list of unhealthy oil and ghee products is given below, as PFA asked them to improve the standard of the products.

  • Shan Cooking Oil
  • Shahtaj Premier Cooking Oil
  • Ashiana Banaspati
  • Mumtaz Banaspati
  • Islamabad Cooking Oil
  • Marwa Cooking Oil
  • Handi Cooking Oil
  • Data Banaspati
  • Prime Banaspati
  • Handi Banaspati
  • Evian Cooking Oil
  • Asia Pure Cooking Oil
  • Islamabad Banaspati
  • Ghausia Banaspati
  • Meher Banaspati
  • Suad Banaspati
  • Malta Banaspati
  • Khyber Banaspati
  • Askari Banaspati
  • Soya Supreme Banaspati
  • Inam Banspati
  • Rani Gold Banaspati
  • Taza Gold Banaspati
  • Rehmat Banaspati

Punjab Food Authority has declared that it will test the oil and ghee products quality twice a year to check their quality.

ban on Cheep Oil Products-PFA

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