Punjab Government Allows to Celebrate Basant Festival

Punjab Government Allows to Celebrate Basant Festival

It’s been reported by the social media TV Channels today that the government of Punjab has lift ban on celebrating Basant Festival in the province.

The Education Minister Rana Masood on Monday announced that the Basant Festival “Safe Basant” will be held in the province in February 2017. He said the Basant was banned in the country since long and the festival will be held at the designated places in Lahore.

It is important to mention here that Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif earlier had established an eight member committee under the leadership MPA Zaeem Qadri for the revival of Basant Festival in Lahore.

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Supreme Court of Pakistan had banned the celebration of the Basant festival in the country in 2005, over the number of deaths by the use of sharp and glass coasted string.

Punjab Government Allows to Celebrate Basant Festival

Now once again the ban is lifted and the Basant lovers in Lahore can celebrate the festival with great zeal and enthusiasm.

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