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What’s the best entertainment a person can get in our rather dull society? One can go out for a long drive or can opt for a family/friend gathering at flashy diners. You can go to cinema (an industry that is trying to revive itself) or simply hang out with a bunch of friends at a DHABBA. And if you are not in much of energy exhaustion and want something that can be both entertaining and at the same time less of fatiguing then grab that iPad of yours or the dusty laptop, fire up the screen and log onto the best source of online entertainment, none other than Rava.pk.

What is Rava.pk?

Pakistan’s premier online video curation site, Rava.pk is a platform that brings you all the latest happenings from around the globe and especially in Pakistan. If it’s recorded and has gone viral then it is supposed to be there on Rava. It’s not a typical video site, rather, Rava.pk brings only engaging content. So, it won’t be the repeated same old video that you may have seen over a thousand times, this time you will find what is the latest and at times exclusive. A bi-lingual source, Rava.pk promises entertainment with a bit of knowledge and social responsibility awareness. Be it online dramas or online talk shows, Rava.pk will have it all for the video junkies.

360 Degree Entertainment for Pakistanis

Entertainment Guaranteed

Tune into any political talk show and one simply ends up laughing over the nuisance on offer. Be it the ridiculous statements or the detachment our politicians and political commentators have to offer arrange for laughing stock. From the very DHARNA politics of Imran Khan to the famous speeches of Altaf Hussain, and from Shiekh Rasheed’s never ending deadlines to Manzoor Wasaan’s dreams, one to the least ends up smiling if not laughing.

And if you thought it would have been a prerogative of politicians only, then here is a rewind of some of the nasty yet entertaining moments brought to us by our educated and ethical anchors and political commentators.

Who can forget the infamous Mubashir Luqman and Meher Abbasi (Bukhari) interview of Malik Riaz. The behind the camera moments that made it to the social media showed the audacity of these so called anchors. Drowning the very concept of ethical journalism the duo conducted a doctored interview, painting a pious Malik Riaz.


Shocking! Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan Are Banned


One may grimly recall the time when Jasmine Manzoor went on crying live in front of the camera. It was reported then that the anchor had been threatened by unknown groups and hence had to bid adieu (she came back later) to her career.

Another of the flick that made highlights on the social media was the brawl between famous “historian” Javed Chaudary and the Karachi airport attack famed Shahzeb Khanzada. Though the fight was never caught on the camera reel, the heated exchange of ethics that ensued over various programs was nothing less than of entertainment.

Other Light Moments

Viral Entertainment News on Rava.pk

Well it is not just these politicians and political commentators that help us laugh off a bit. Other than some brilliant sitcoms and gigs that make it to both the silver screen and social media there are several of uncategorized moments that are equally rejoicing. Who could forget televangelist Amir Liaquat’s famous AAM KHAY GA AAM episode. This was not the first time Mr. Liaquat had entertained us with something with such killer effects. Becoming an online sensation, Amir Liaquat has a bunch of off-camera scenes containing vulgar and explicit language, one in direct contrast to him on-camera demeanor. Well, we are definitely no one to judge him for what he is and what he is not, and hence will bail him simply for the smiles that he arrange for us. After all AAP NAY WO FILM TU DEKHI HOGI.

Another of series that entertained us was Qandeel Baloch. The controversial and now deceased star shot to fame for her fight with another contemporary Mathira. She was also known for her videos (bold and explicit) on social media. Adding spice was then Mubashir Luqman who started the Qandeel-Mufti Qavi engagement. How can one forget the pics of Mufti Sahab and Qandeel along together with the latter wearing Mufti’s cap. The episode though ended gruesomely after Qandeel was murdered under honor killing by her own brother.

Rava.pk Bringing This All

Since, there is all so much happening around, at times it gets difficult to get hold of everything at once. You are guaranteed entertainment on Rava.pk – the silver screen of Pakistanis, but what you are not guaranteed is timing. Imagine having just an hour or so and being asked to grasp the major happenings of the day all at once becomes an uphill task.

Easing the pressure and ensuring that you are able to get all of it, Rava.pk gets hold of all the buzz and happenings around you. Now watch your favorite dramas online or political talk shows when you are free. After all humor is a must in such fatiguing routines.

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