If you are suffering from stress and anxiety start listening song which has the qualities to sooth and calm the senses.

According to a new study by neuroscientists of Mindlab International which reveals that there is a song in the world which has the quality to maintain heart beat, reduce stress and anxiety by leaving relaxing and soothing effects on brain.

Neuroscientists have revealed that the song Weightless by Marconi Union is the most relaxing and soothing song in the world. The song weightless by Marconi Union (an English musical trio consisting of Richard Talbot, Jamie Crossley, and Duncan Meadows) has the quality of balancing your heart rate, reducing the anxiety and relieving stress. As the song Weightless brings 65% of reduction in anxiety and offer up to 35% physiological rest.

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Must give it a try if you really feel that the song Weightless has the relaxing qualities.

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