Rich Celebrities of Pakistan Showbiz Industry
Ayan Ali, popularly known as Dollar girl, started her modeling career in 2010 and got best female emerging model award. She started her career at the age of sixteen just to get fame.
Hina Dilpazeer is one of the richest celebrities of Pakistani showbiz industry. Famous for her role in comedy drama ‘Bulbulay’, Hina Dilpazeer worked in many successful TV dramas.
Faisal Qureshi, who has started his career in showbiz as a child star, is the renowned Pakistani actor. He worked in many popular dramas one of them is ‘Bashar Momin’.
Shaista Lodhi is one of the famous TV hosts of the morning show and presenters. By Profession she is a doctor but she preferred to work at TV in order to get popularity. The sister of famous morning show host Shair Lodhi, Shaista divorced her husband Dr. wahidi and married to her cousin Adnan Ali.
Dr.Aamir Liaqat is one of the famous Politician and TV anchor. He was also the Minister of Religious Affairs in Pervez Musharaff’s reign. He got huge popularity as a host of Ramadan Transmission shows.

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