Ron 92 Petrol Will be in Pakistan in November 2016

Ron 92 Petrol Will be in Pakistan in November 2016

Pakistan State Oil To Import Ron 92 Petrol in November

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) is all set to import the Research Octane Number Ron 92 petrol in Pakistan in November 2016. In this regard PSO has obtained the contracts. The high quality fuel Ron 92 will be available for use in Pakistan in November.

The PSO spokesmen said the big shipment of the Ron 92 would reach in Pakistan in  the end of October and customers would grab their hand on the Research Octane Number (Ron) 92 in the start of next month.

Due to the low quality of present fuel used in Pakistan, government has decided to replace the Ron 87 with the Ron 92. The first consignment of the Ron 92 is to bring 55,000 tons of efficient fuel in Pakistan by the end of October.

Almost all the countries across the world is selling the high octane Ron 92, while the petrol pumps in Pakistan are still offering Ron 87 as standard fuel. The Oman Trading international Ltd (OTI) will supply the first consignment of the Ron 92 fuel to Pakistan.

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