Salman Khan To Launch Being Smart Android Smartphones -

Salman Khan To Launch Being Smart Android Smartphones

Salman Khan To Launch Being Smart Android Smartphones

Sumera Saeed | March 10, 2017 | category: Being Smart

Salman Khan To Launch “Being Smart” Android Smartphones

The heartthrobe Bollywood actor Salman Khan is to launch the Android smartphones under the brand name “Being Smart”. The new lineup of Being Smartphone Android device will compete the Oppo, Xioami and Vivo handsets as budget friendly.

The Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has arranged an agreement with a Chinese mobile manufacturer company and the Being Smartphone will cost below Rs. 20,000.

The reports have revealed that Salman Khan presently busy in building an active supervision team to be controlled by a professional with leadership stints of two top industry executives including Samsung and Micromax.

The Being Smartphones will firstly be available for sale at online shopping and after that they will hit retail stores including Salman’s Being Human outlets.

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Salman Khan is also the owner of Being Human clothing brand, payments from which goes to funding education and healthcare initiatives of the Being Human Foundation.

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