Skin Whitening Formula Cream

Skin whitening is the dream of every girl. Girls don’t want to look ugly and wish to have spotless glowing white skin. Now they can have the fairer skin easily with this Skin Whitening Formula Cream. By using this formula cream they will not only get fair skin but also get rid of dark spots.

You require:

  • Fair and Lovely Max Fairness Cream
  • DermoQuin Cream (Hydroquinone 4%)
  • Clindamax Gel – 50%


Mix the equal quantity of the above mentioned creams and make skin whitening formula cream. You can use the cream daily at night and rinse off face in the morning with any good quality Skin whitening face wash.

This information if purely taken from the video added above. Girls try this skin whitening formula cream at your own risk.


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