Supermoon With Meteor Shower To lighten up Sky in November

Supermoon With Meteor Shower To lighten up Sky in November

The stargazers can enjoy the beauty of sky by watching the amazing supermoon and meteor showers in the month of November in UK. The supermoon in November will be bigger than the usual and will occur after 70 years one since 1948.

The supermoon will be roughly 14% bigger and 30% brighter than an average full moon and the reason behind big supermoon is that the oval orbit of our lunar neighbour infrequently carries it in line with the Sun and the Earth. When this occurs, and the moon is on the opposed side of Earth from the Sun, it looks larger and brighter.

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The stargazers will be able to see the Taurid Meteor Shower on 11th November 2016, while the biggest and brighter supermoon will occur on sky on 14th November.

Orionid Meteor Shower 2016 To Light Up the Sky in UK

The best time to view the Taurid Meteor shower in UK will be an hour before dawn. For the best results take your binoculars with you.


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