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Pakistan’s E-Commerce Market Size Exceeded $600 Million in 2017: SBP Reprts

Pakistan’s E-Commerce Market Size Exceeded $600 Million in 2017: SBP Reports

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Pakistan’s E-Commerce Market Size Exceeded $600 Million in 2017: SBP Reports. The State Bank of Pakistan has released their official numbers showing the actual size of the e-commerce market. Before delving into its analysis, let us first take a look at the numbers in full.

Data Sources

The two primary sources of the data are:

  1. Annual Performance Review (APR) 2016 – 2017 – Payment Systems
  2. First Quarterly Report (FQR) 2017-2018, Special Section 2 – Online Payments Platform
Metric Number Date Range Report
Number of Online Transactions (Prepayment) 1.2 M FY17 APR
Value of Prepayment Transactions (Locally) Rs. 9.8 B[1] FY17 FQR
Value of Prepayment Transactions (Internationally) Rs. 20.7 B FY17 FQR
Ecommerce Merchants (Locally) 571 FY17 APR
USD : PKR 105 30/06/17 Business Recorder

Quick Analysis

Based on the report, we can deduce that, on average, every prepayment order in Pakistan had a basket size greater than Rs. 8,000 and each of the 571 merchants processed about Rs. 17M in prepayment orders on average.

Metric PKR USD
E-commerce Market Size in Pakistan (Prepayment) Rs. 9.8 B $ 93 M
Average Order Size (Prepayment) Rs. 8,167 $ 77.8
Average Revenue per Merchant (Prepayment) Rs. 17.2 M $ 163.5 K

Judging the “Cash on Delivery” Market Size

Not all e-commerce transactions are done through pre-payment. For instance, in the large marketplaces and brand stores, most of the payments are made via cash on delivery terms. To accurately gauge the e-commerce market size, we have to make an assumption on the volume of transactions processed via Cash on Delivery (COD).

Most of the other industry professionals claim that payments made through Cash on Delivery account for about 90% of all e-commerce transactions. However, that figure represents the number of transactions rather than the volume of transactions.

In my analysis, I have found that customers are more likely to pay for higher value orders via prepayment rather than COD. Yayvo, for example, had 76% of its orders below Rs. 1500 paid via COD, while 60% of its orders above Rs. 5000 were paid via prepayment.

Yayvo.com Revenue Breakdown according to Payment Method (2017)
Order Value (PKR) COD Prepayment
0-2500 75.86% 24.14%
2500-5000 57.97% 42.03%
>5000 39.99% 60.01%


I still believe that during the Fiscal Year 2017, the market was still very nascent to the idea of prepayment. I would estimate that COD was at minimum 85% of the total market for payments. This means that the e-commerce market size in Pakistan is ~Rs. 65 Billion or ~$620 Million.

Assumption of COD Market Size COD Market Size (PKR) Total Market Size (PKR) Total Market Size (USD)
95% 186.2 B 196.0 B 1.90 B
90% 88.2 B  98.0 B 933 M
85% 55.5 B 65.3 B 622 M
80% 39.2 B 49 B 467 M
70% 22.9 B 32.7 B 311 M

Other Assumptions

Not all e-commerce sites process their online payments in Pakistan. Within the fiscal year ending in 2017 (July 2016 – June 2017), large e-commerce players such as Careem, Uber, and FoodPanda processed their payments via international gateways. Their prepayment revenue is unlikely to be counted within the local e-commerce market size but is counted in the international volume of transactions instead.

I am assuming that there was no duplication of the online acquirers when the State Bank was collecting this data. For example, JazzCash and EasyPay both used the MCB e-Gateway to power their platforms during this period. I am assuming that the State Bank did not count these numbers twice when collecting the figures submitted by EasyPay/JazzCash and MCB respectively. This is especially important given that EasyPay had over 350 merchants and JazzCash over 150 merchants by June 2017, which possibly makes them the largest online acquirer’s in Pakistan.

E-commerce Merchants

According to the State Bank, there are 571 e-commerce merchants in Pakistan. Typically, the e-commerce merchants that come to mind are players such as Daraz.pk and Yayvo.com. We have to dismiss players like FoodPanda, Careem, and Uber because their payments are not processed in Pakistan.

Other large merchants include ticketing platforms such as Pakistan Railway and PIA, amongst others. Pakistan Railway, in its first two months, reported a revenue of Rs. 100M from online sales. In addition, an article in November 2017 stated that UBL had made more than Rs. 1 Billion from online sales through Pakistan railway alone.


The overall e-commerce market size is much bigger than what many industry insiders estimate. After reviewing and examining the numbers, my conclusion is that the e-commerce market size transcended $600M in the 12-months period between July 2016 and June 2017.

I believe the number will be much higher in the current financial year (June 2017 to July 2018). A case in point is Yayvo, which is on course to grow their revenue by at least 3x this year. Therefore, the overall market, even with 2x growth, would rise to approximately $1.2 Billion. This means we will be crossing the $ 1 Billion e-commerce revenue mark two years before the 2020 deadline we had set.

Source URL: http://yayvo.com/blog/pakistans-ecommerce-market-in-2017/

[1]There is a difference in the volume of transactions indicated in the two reports. I will be taking into account the numbers given in the FQR because those stated in the APR are provisional. However, the FQR does not show the number of transactions (my assumption is that they would have risen). Therefore, since the FQR does not give full information, I will use the APR numbers.

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Top 5 Baby Toys Websites of Pakistan

Top 5 Baby Toys Websites of Pakistan

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Top 5 Baby Toys Websites of Pakistan. Online shopping websites make it easy for you to buy anything you like for yourself for your kids and for your loved ones by sitting at the couch of you room. Their main focus is to give you best experience of online shopping in Pakistan and the best customer service experience.

In Pakistan the online shopping trend is increasing day by day due to ease and quality products. With E-Commerce developing in Pakistan, Online shopping absolutely has a brighter future.

There are dozens of online shopping websites in Pakistan that attract a huge ratio of online shoppers. You can purchase a number of quality products by visiting these websites, but if you are looking for the best online toys shopping websites in Pakistan that are reliable and deliver quality products to their customer, you are at a right place. In this article you will read about the top 5 online toys shopping websites of Pakistan.

These online toys shopping websites in Pakistan sites offer COD cash on delivery as well as Credit Cards payments. Instead of visiting the different shops to buy toys for your kids you can switch to online shopping by visiting these e-commerce websites below, if you are looking for original, reliable, branded, and affordable price all items.


Top 5 Baby Toys Websites of Pakistan

Toyzone is an online toy shop from where you can order toys for kids and get them delivered anywhere in Pakistan. It’s a project of Technolsys Software and is one of the leading online toy shops in Pakistan.

It contains a huge range of toys for all ages of children. They claim to deliver quality products to their customers via TCS courier. The e-commerce gateway has a fairly simple, clean and offers a facilitating User Interface and opens quickly on mobile and desktops without much wait.

They work Monday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 7:00pm. You can shop here easily and make payments by using, bank transfer, easy paisa and cash on delivery.


Top 5 Baby Toys Websites of Pakistan

It’s another leading e-commerce gateway to buy the high quality toys for kids. It contains a huge variety of kids’ items including diapers, food, accessories, baby gifts, bags, costumes, toys and many other baby items at very affordable rates. They use robust shipping sources so that orders are timely delivered to the customers. You can get the free shipping of your kids’ items for orders exceeding 1,500 rupees.

Furthermore, their customers care service is unbeatable; you can contact them from 10 am to 10 pm around the week.

You can shop here easily and make payments by using debit/credit card, bank transfer, easy paisa and cash on delivery.


Top 5 Baby Toys Websites of Pakistan

It’s another biggest online shopping website in Pakistan that let you purchase not only imported and branded toys but also kids’ dresses, baby skin care products, nursery accessories, learning toys, stuffed toys, action figures, musical instruments birthday gifts, baby walkers, snow suits, bounties, Scooters & Wagons, barbie dolls and much more.

They are offering a vast range of branded baby toys of all ages. The team of Babytoys.pk is hardworking, active and devoting. They support and serve their customers and deliver the imported Amazon products in Pakistan to their customer on time. You can purchase here the kids’ toys at affordable rates and via cash on delivery, bank transfer, easy paisa, pay order and demand draft. The cash on delivery is available at Rs.6000 shopping.

So enjoy shopping at Babytoys.pk for having Amazon imported products, toys and accessories for your kids.


Top 5 Baby Toys Websites of Pakistan

This e-commerce gateway is best and reliable online shopping website in Pakistan. They are operating from Karachi and claim to offer high quality and branded products to their customers. Here you can purchase huge collections of toys for all ages, kids’ accessories, nursing items, games, cars & jeeps, puzzles & games, bouncers & rockers, slides, Barbie dolls, action figures and much more.

Furthermore the shipping of orders is totally free all across Pakistan.


Top 5 Baby Toys Websites of Pakistan

Shoppingexpress.pk is the best online shop that offers reliable and branded products to their customer. They are offering a number of products including kids’ toys, makeup items, electronic products, clothes, skin care products, hair care and styling items, gadgets, car parts and much more.

They are selling the products from the collection of renowned trademarks from country wide straight to your location. This e-commerce gateway offers the great value of your money by delivering the quality products. Shoppingexpress.pk includes a supporting customers’ care team that guides you properly because the customers’ satisfaction is the supreme priority of them.

After shopping at Shoppingexpress.pk you can select different methods of payment including bank deposit, easy paisa, cash and cash on delivery.

So what are you waiting for enjoy hassle free online shopping experience by visiting any of the above mentioned e-commerce gateways.

For further updates stay tuned with daytimes.pk

blueEX Partners with Elahi Group of Companies to Excel in the Logistics Market

blueEX Partners with Elahi Group of Companies to Excel in the Logistics Market

Sumera Saeed | category: Business

blueEX partners with Elahi Group of Companies to excel in the Logistics Market. blueEX – the pioneer in eCommerce logistics and facilitation in Pakistan, is now gearing up for the boom in online retail.  As a fully equipped last-mile delivery provider, blueEX is now partnering with the Elahi Group of Companies (EGC) to increase investments in their infrastructure to make major inroads into the logistics industry.

Mr. Danish Elahi, CEO of Elahi Group of Companies and Mr. Stirling Cox, have decided to invest in blueEX Logistics and bring their long-serving expertise to the organization. With this partnership, blueEX is poised to becoming a formidable force in the logistics industry utilizing Elahi Group’s expertise and specialization in warehousing and Stirling Cox’s knowledge in business strategy, gained from a career in JP Morgan and Bain and Co.

blueEX introduced E-Commerce logistics and fulfillment to Pakistan when it launched its online parcel booking system ( first of its kind in this country ) in 2011 and within a few years established the most advanced and efficient cash-on-delivery network across the country. blueEX is unique in that it provides a 360 degree solution for eCommerce facilitation in Pakistan including Logistics, Cash on Delivery, Digital Marketing, Call Center and Technology Services.

The Baxamoosabrothers – Imran Baxamoosa, CEO of blueEX and Ali Aamer Baxamoosa, his COO, both feel that this is the right strategic fit for the company to propel it into the next stage of development for blueEX, leveraging Elahi Group of Companies’ state-of-the-art warehousing and open space storage facilities in Pakistan.

The CEO of Elahi Group of Companies – Mr. Danish Elahi stated:

“This partnership between Elahi Group and blueEX is a significant step taken towards the growth of both the enterprises. EGC has been operating in Pakistan for over four decades and has a strong track record with suppliers, creditors, and customers. EGC enjoys a relationship of trust and immense respect with all stake holders, and we look forward to the same with blueEX.”

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Unique Baby Toys Gifts Available In Pakistan via Online Shopping

Unique Baby Toys Gifts Available In Pakistan via Online Shopping

Sumera Saeed | category: News

Unique Baby Toys Gifts Available In Pakistan via Online Shopping

Selecting baby toys gifts is always a difficult task. For the toddlers and babies you always try to get something different and unique that the kid love. For the unique baby toys in Pakistan now the facility of baby toys online shopping in Pakistan is also available. In the online stores you can explore the different and unique toys. For the best baby toys online shopping in Pakistan you can visit the rich online store of babytoys.pk. This place has the collection of high quality toys in Pakistan that are available for the online Shopping with cash on delivery all over Pakistan. The tip is always selecting a gift for the kid that the baby can use even after months and it is in the favor of the baby. For the baby toys in Pakistan online shopping facility is unique for the parents.

Baby Hammock

Unique Baby Toys Gifts Available In Pakistan via Online Shopping

Babies find it fun sleeping in the hammock. The trendy and beautiful hammock with the strong rope is the unique baby toys gift. Exclusive baby hammock for toddlers is available for baby toys online shopping in Pakistan. You can hang the seat or hammock for the baby anywhere in your house. Hammock is designed safe for the kids.

Humphrey Elephant


Plush toys are always babies’ favorite to cuddle and sleep. The warm hugs by the stuffy toys are the best you can give to a kid. Humphrey Elephant is the high quality stuff animal toy for babies. Plush elephant toy is unique baby toy gift other than the teddy bear and dolls that are common. To buy baby toys in Pakistan and get the soft and best Humphrey elephant for the baby online in Pakistan placing your order on the website.

Wooden Dollhouse

Unique Baby Toys Gifts Available In Pakistan via Online Shopping Unique Baby Toys Gifts Available In Pakistan via Online Shopping

Wooden toys are best quality kids’ toys. To find the best wooden toys in Pakistan babytoys.pk is the right place. Wooden dollhouses are unique with the wooden and quality accessories. Little girls would love this baby toy as they can build themselves. In the online collection of baby toys in Pakistan wooden doll houses are also available.

Baby Play gym

Unique Baby Toys Gifts Available In Pakistan via Online Shopping

A unique baby toy gift is the baby play gym. You can select the one that plays music and have much fun for the baby. The exclusive baby play gym is the Fisher Price musical piano gym. You can shop this unique baby toy in Pakistan with the facility of cash on delivery. Buy the special gifts for the baby and make him surprise and fun.


Unique Baby Toys Gifts Available In Pakistan via Online Shopping

Wooden rides, mini scoters, tricycles and other rides are super fun. The activity that kids can do themselves is the most enjoyable. Rides are fun and exercise. Car rides are also nice option. Various kinds of quality and colorful rides are available for the baby toys online shopping in Pakistan to select and buy for the kids.


Ecommerce being encouraged in Pakistan

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Ecommerce being encouraged in Pakistan

Ecommerce industry boost is the result of the internet penetration in the region. The fast growing trend of online shopping is evident from the massive growth of online shopping websites and record experience. Pakistan is at the brink of the new technology shift where it is expected to be the part of the global trend. The global village of today has the virtual reality of global trade. The online shopping is smart observable fact of the era. From the total population of 192 million the 39 million internet users and 40 million to be expected at the end of the 2016 smart phone users are the main ground of the success of the ecommerce. Not only the websites but the mobile apps have significant magnitude. This digital world has multiple destinations to shop online.

After the penetration of internet 3G, 4G and LTE diffusion has a role. With 14.6 million users of the latest technology in Pakistan there is no means to failure of the ecommerce. Rather the community is more prone towards the hassle free shopping phenomenon of online shopping. According to the GSMA studies each year Lahore accounts for 21% of the total traffic on ecommerce; followed by Karachi that accounts 20% while the twin cities traffic is recorded 15% of the total. Gujranwala and Sialkot contribute 5%, Multan 4.5%, and Faisalabad 4%.

Marketing and advertising has become easy with the 16 million users of social media in Pakistan. An amount of online shopping consumers come from the social media. Local market online retailers have daraz.pk, kaymu.pk, shopdaily.pk and ishopping.pk. Mobile app of kaymu.pk is successful due to the ease the consumers find to shop the products with their phone. Leading ecommerce in the world Amazon, JD.com, Wal-mart, eBay, Alibaba.com and others are the trend setter market places.

The youth of the region is spending most of their pocket money and earning on the online shopping that comes from the 77% of the smart phone users comprising of age group of 21-30.

Ecommerce being encouraged in Pakistan

Pakistan is ahead to the future global commerce as ecommerce are also importing goods from the world’s leading websites. Shoppingbag.pk is the real example that has earned name of trust with the Amazon and eBay imported quality products provision in Pakistan. In the prospect it is established that the population is spending money on the ecommerce and contributing in the success.

There are several factors behind this radical change in the shopping trend over time. The most important driving force is the technology and internet. The subscribers find that it is easy to shop online rather to go to the market and visit shop to shop when you can visit the websites and select the goods for you. Cash on Delivery has made the procedure easier for the people. This dramatically change over the globe is more common in the urban areas. For the across cities delivery doorstep.pk, aramshop.pk and pakistangrocery.com are offering their services.

Other than those shopping websites like OLX, rozee.pk, foodpanda.pk, easytaxi.pk, TCS, and zameen.pk are also contributing in the corporate social responsibility with their services. Another way to the future is provided by the fact that Pakistan is not creating any barrier for the international retailers rather they are invited for the products delivery and trade.