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Expensive Fountains Dysfunctional Due to Negligence of CDA

Expensive Fountains Dysfunctional Due to Negligence of CDA

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Expensive Fountains Dysfunctional Due to Negligence of CDA. Owing to negligence of city administration, the fountains installed worth billions of rupees in different sectors of capital have become dysfunctional. In 2009, some eight dancing fountains were installed to provide recreational and entertainment facilities to people following the special instruction of the Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) with the total cost of Rs 93.27 billion.

The installation of fountains was one of major projects of the capital. Out of these eight fountains, one fountain was installed at 7th avenue near zoo so that residents of twin cities could get entertainment in the evening of summer. All these fountains have become dysfunctional due to dengue threat.

Similarly, other fountains installed in various spots including Shaheen Chowk, 9th avenue, Peshawar Mor, Highway and Karachi Company have also become dysfunctional. The addict persons have stolen the important parts of these fountains. A stall has been installed on the fountain of public park in Karachi company while its other machinery has also been removed. Although CDA initiate new projects but old projects were ignored instead of focusing them but ironically later it neither monitored nor supervised. That is why, these fountains have become dysfunctional due to negligence of city administration.

It has been observed that there is no arrangement of drainage of rain water from these fountains which is causing several diseases. Online, when contacted with spokespersons of civic body Malik Salim and Abdul Rashid, they responded that all the fountains are functional and working properly. Some fountains have been blocked due to dengue threat or repair work is going on but would be functional soon.

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