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Prices of Food Items Zoom to High Peaks with Upswing in Prices of Petroleum Products

Prices of Food Items Zoom to High Peaks with Upswing in Prices of Petroleum Products

admin | January 6, 2018 | category: News

Prices of Food Items zoom to high peaks with upswing in prices of petroleum products. The prices of food items have zoomed to high peaks following hike in prices of petroleum products by federal government.

The traders are playing havoc with the pockets of common man with scaling up prices of all food items, groceries, vegetables in order to satiate their lust for money minting and growing billionaires overnight.

A wanton increase by the traders community in the prices bear witness that the prices committees are playing the role of puppets in the hands of profiteers and retailers.

These committees through their criminal obliviousness towards the financial woes being exacerbated by the galloping prices have posed a set back to the Chief Minister (CM) Punjab policy of providing eatables and groceries to the poor masses at subsidized rates without compromising on the standard and quality of the products.

Govt Set to Give New Year Gift by Soaring Petroleum Prices Upto Rs 13 Per Litre

The wave of price hike swept away the business of small traders, shop keepers and retailers so much so that they are forded to shut their shops.

The low paid government employees have to bear the brunt of price escalation most as their salary witnesses a raise to the tune of 10 percent but upswing in the rates of commodities soars to 25 percent defeating the purpose this increase in their salaries.

The galloping wheel of price hike is running at breakneck speed forcing the poor people to commit self immolation .

The shop keepers and small fruit and vegetable traders said that expressions of sympathy for the retailers and small fruit and vegetable traders, vendors are never seen on the faces pf commissioner, deputy commissioner and the concerned officials as what ever steps are taken by them to bring stability in the prices are not people friendly but are a covert declaration for economic murder of common man.

Should we shut our shops amid the ever growing rent of shops, sky rocketing utility bills and blood curdling carriage charges, said a group of shopkeepers with distress rolling deep their eyes.

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