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Balance Stomach Acidity with Easy Tips

Sumera Saeed | June 3, 2016 | category: Health and Beauty

Balance Stomach Acidity with Easy Tips
Today, we will tell you how to balance your stomach acidity which is very much essential in the food digestion. The gastric acid inwardly develops by the stomach aids to digest food but if your stomach produces too little or too much gastric acid you can be the victim of stomach disease.
There is a need to check your gastric acid level in the stomach. You need to consume a tablespoon of baking soda with warm water. Add baking soda into warm water and mix it well. Drink the solution in empty stomach most probably in the morning. If your stomach produces enough gastric acid you will see belching appear in two to three minutes because the solution of baking soda and gastric acid create carbon dioxide which leads to burping. It means your stomach is producing a natural level of gastric acid.
On the other hand if you don’t see belching into two or three minutes this tends to mean low gastric acid production.
If you have symptoms of bloating, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation and digestion problem, it means you stomach is not producing good quantity of gastric acid.
The acid starts to flow up into the esophagus you face the gastro-esophageal reflux infection which generates pain and uneasiness for the patient.
But if your stomach produces healthy gastric acid with hydrochloric it is helpful in the digestion and putrefy of food you eat. The hydrochloric acid also protects your stomach from bacteria.

Balance Stomach Acidity with Easy Tips

There are few tips for having balance stomach acidity:
Before eating make yourself relax, avoid stress and smell the food aroma because this aroma activate your brain which sends gastric acid eliminating message along the vagus nerve to stomach.
The most important thing is not to eat your meal while watching TV, driving and doing any activity because it triggers tension into the body.
Always use yogurt and pickle with the food because it helps to maintain the situation.
Chew your food slowly and then swallow it.
Eat smaller meals because if you prefer to eat large meals, it will not let your body to heal.
Use Ginger and chamomile tea, it will help you to reduce stress and food digestion.
Also try fasting and irregular fasting because it has lots of health benefits. If you keep on eating food from morning to sun set your body will not have time to heal and recover from disease.
Eat healthy and low fat diet. Use fruits and vegetable in your daily routine. Avoid having meal with excessive sodium and added sugar.
Use Apple cider vinegar with water before having meal. The use of Apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy for having low pH in balance with your stomach.
Drink Aloe Vera Juice because it sooths heartburn.
Don’t use mint oil it makes it more worse instead of healing.
Avoid consuming milk; now doubt milk help to form acid reflux but it may produce more acid production.
Avoid caffeine drinks, like tea, soda, coffee.
Avoid Spicy food and junk food.
Do exercise for 30 minutes on daily basis.
Avoid the use of smoking and alcohol
Finally, avoid lying down soon after eating at night. After having dinner you need to walk at least 30 minutes. Take you dinner 3 hours before sleeping.

Drink Lemon water Instead of Morning Tea or Coffee For Healthy Body

Sumera Saeed | May 13, 2016 | category: Health and Beauty

Drink Lemon water Instead of Morning Tea or Coffee For Healthy Body

We recommend you people to replace your morning tea or coffee with the lemon water because it offers lots of health benefits to the body. It not only effects body but also shows change in your mood.

The uses of lemon and lemon peel juice have antioxidant properties that clean body toxins.  Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C as a single lemon contains approximately 30 to 40 mg of Vitamin C. it is said that the use of Vitamin C helps you get rid of cardiovascular disease, skin wrinkles, eye diseases and immune system deficiencies.  The antioxidant properties of lemon help to repair damage cells of the body.

Removes Body Toxins:

Drink Lemon water Instead of Morning Tea or Coffee For Healthy Body

If you use lemon water after eating meals it helps to minimize the body toxins. What are toxins and from where they come? I think you people will have to know the answer if you don’t aware. Toxins enter into your body when your breath in the air. The food we used to eat in our daily life. The citric acid found in lemon help the body to naturally flush out the crystals of toxins via urinating as the use of lemon water increases the amount of urine. The use of Lemon water helps to stimulate the liver function and body eczema. It aids the liver to flush out unwanted junk from the body.

Get Ride of digestion problem:

Drink Lemon water Instead of Morning Tea or Coffee For Healthy Body

Lots of people faces digestion problem as their stomach feel upset due to excessive eating of unhealthy meal. Lemon citric acid aids the hydrochloric acid in the stomach in breaking down meal. If you face digestion problem the warm lemon water will help you a lot have health stomach.

Boasts Health:

The use of Lemon water is a safe secure and effective as it manages pH levels of the body and getting strong alkalinity may assist in bone health.

It use improves memory, reduces muscle wasting, lessens the chances of hypertension (High blood Pressure) and strokes, improved cardiovascular health.

Helps to Lose Weight

When people use fiber rich diet it may increases their weight. If you are struggling hard and remain hungry to lose your body fat, you need not to worry now because the Pectin and polyphenols found in Lemon effectively aids in reducing body fat.Drink Lemon water Instead of Morning Tea or Coffee For Healthy Body

We hope the above mentioned health tips will give you lots of benefits in getting rid body fat, obseness, healthy stomach, detoxification and cleansing of body. For getting further healthy tips keep visiting Daytimes.