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Religion and Women Empowerment in Pakistan

Religion and Women Empowerment in Pakistan

Guest Post | category: News

Religion and Women Empowerment in Pakistan. Recently, the usage of the word “feminism” has changed its altogether meaning from talking about equal rights for women to something more than just equality, involving a change in its whole ideology and philosophy. The three waves that we hear about today and see a lot of debates going on about the topic on multiple social media platforms, had initially some other meaning from what it is today. The ideology of a patriarchal society that exists in our country has played an important role in the birth of this concept of feminism in Pakistan.

The core of feminism is equal rights for all the people regardless of their gender. People who talk against this concept, might not even understand what the ideology behind this whole narrative is. This can be safely said that a woman plays a very important role in  shaping a society by how she grooms herself and her family.  A nation cannot prosper without allowing one gender to move forward in a graceful manner and maybe it is us that have given birth to the concept of patriarchy.

Not empowering the women of a society, is often the underlying cause of many evils in the society.  A woman, who cannot speak for herself, who cannot make her own decisions, who is not a part of household decisions, who gets no say in the matters of her children is a woman we disagree to empower, as a society. Which in itself, is a cliche. People want their sons to get higher education and get independent but when it comes to our daughters, we often just ignore the fact that they are as competent as any male member of the society. These decisions are mostly due to this patriarchal mindset that exists in our part of the world. And talking about changing this, scares a lot of people.

Women Empowerment in Pakistan-Daytimes-1

I mean, change is scary, but this needs to be understood that change is sometimes what we need to move ahead, to move forward. This needs to be understood that women empowerment in Pakistan can bring about positive impacts in our society, our daughters are as hardworking, as talented and as sharp as our sons and they have the basic human right to choose for themselves, to make better choices since they are the ones who have to live with those choices. Education, is the key here but there are areas where even if the parents allow their daughters to get education, they do not allow them to get jobs for themselves thinking that it would be of no use and the primary task of a female is to take care of the household chores.

Women Empowerment and Fashion Trends

Vocabulary falls short when the need of women empowerment is to be highlighted especially in a country like ours. We hide behind the veil of Islam saying that Islam doesn’t allow a woman to go out of the four boundaries of their homes but we forget about Hazrat Khadija, who was the greatest businessman of her time. I happened to attend a workshop on equality and justice by a well-reputed organization, a student of a prestigious institution pointed out that:

“The boundary between how liberal we are and how conservative we are is a very thin line. And as stupid as it may sound, but we ourselves keep shifting between both. We do what suits us. We, proudly, become liberal when it’s the daughters of other that we are talking about, and we strictly become conservative when our daughters come under discussion.”

As much as my inner so-called Muslim wanted me to scream and shout about it, the human logic didn’t disagree at all. I think humanity forms the basics of any religion and every religion in the world, and it is only the basic humanity that wants us to be empathetic towards other fellow beings and let them enjoy all the basic human rights. Gender restriction only makes women consider themselves as not able citizens of a nation and that eventually, results in a less enabled society.

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Malala Yousafzai Joins Hands with Apple To Empower Girls

Malala Yousafzai Joins Hands with Apple To Empower Girls

Sumera Saeed | category: Education

Malala Yousafzai Joins Hands with Apple To Empower Girls. Malala Yousafzai has joined the hands with Apple to be the face of education with thousand of unprivileged girls across the world. Malala Yousafzai has started efforts to empower girls and developed a charity organization Malala Fund to lift voice for the right of education of women.

Malala Yousafzai, winner of Nobel Peace Prize, has met with CEO of Apple Tim Cook and declared a joint venture of Malala Fund and Apple to get at least 100,000 underprivileged girls into education.

She talked about the partnership in an exclusive interview with The Independent. Apple CEO has also agreed to offer significant funding and resources to the Malala Fund to help the charity to attain its target of delivering education to girls in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Lebanon and Nigeria.

She has declared this joint venture alongside Apple CEO in Beirut, Lebanon. She said,

“I really wanted us to work together because Apple has expertise: they are expert in tech, they have resources and they have amazing and incredible people. Many of the champions who are supporting [the girls] are using technology and finding new ways to make it easier for girls to have access to education, whether it’s e-learning or getting STEM [science, technology, engineering, and maths] skills. So, I’m just really hopeful that we can reach as many young girls and as many young advocates as possible.”

When Malala met Cook back in October, they have discussed about the joint venture of Apple and Malala Fund, and have been discussing the possibilities on how technology could help get more needy girls into education.

Mr. Cook said that Apple’s expertise in tech “could bring a lot in support of Malala’s vision”.

He said that the gender inequality in developing countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Lebanon is one of the biggest problem and Malala’s step will be very helpful in providing girls quality education in good institutes and environment.


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Microsoft and HEC organize ‘Academic Day’ at Haripur University

Microsoft and HEC organize ‘Academic Day’ at Haripur University

Sumera Saeed | category: Education

Microsoft and HEC organize ‘Academic Day’ at Haripur University . The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan and Microsoft Pakistan have collaborated to pursue a joint initiative for promoting the use of advanced Information Technology and Cloud computing solutions, in the education sector of Pakistan. It is a pioneering and insightful initiative that includes a mega event organized every academic year, in major universities across the country.

‘Microsoft Academic Day’ was recently organized at the University of Haripur – a remote town in the north-western region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The series of events comprises of discussions on the Education Transformation Agreement (ETA) between the two organizations – its impact and role in the education landscape of Pakistan. The ETA helps the faculty & students remain up-to-date with the latest technological advancements, through technical trainings, workshops & seminars. Furthermore, Academic Day show cases the features of Microsoft Azure and its potential role in the Education industry.

Microsoft’s Cloud solution – Office 365, is a powerful platform used by more than 250,000 consumers in Pakistan, due to its effective performance. Similarly, experts at the event highlighted its versatility and rapid adoption for educational usage. Additionally, the participants also discussed the Imagine Cup – Microsoft’s leading technology competition, its winners over the past 4 years and the next year’s engagement plan.

The event celebrates the commitment of HEC and Microsoft to deliver advanced training and boot camps, along with the free distribution of cutting-edge software packages to universities across the country. HEC – a governing body for higher education has taken numerous ICT initiatives to provide advanced services to the education and research communities in Pakistan.

Microsoft is investing $75 million globally, over three years, to increase access to computer-science education and bring the latest technologies and tools for all youth, especially the students and the deprived communities.

Microsoft’s Cloud suite Office 365 plays a significant role in enhancing collaboration, creativity and critical-thinking in the classroom. HEC also announced Microsoft’s Student Advantage Program which aims to provide free access to Windows 10 for more than 750,000 university students to help them benefit from the Windows 10 S. Windows 10 S is a specific configuration of Windows 10 Pro that offers a familiar, productive Windows experience that’s streamlined for security and performance. Windows 10 S was inspired by students and teachers and it’s the best Windows ever for schools.

Prof. Dr. Fareed Abid – Vice Chancellor University of Haripur started the proceedings with a warm welcome extended to all the guests, and highlighted the role of HEC & Microsoft in Education, saying,

“The opportunities, this alliance opens up for students of our University are unparalleled, and I would encourage our faculty & students to make the most out of these engagements”.

Harb Bou-Harb – Senior Director, Education and Public-Sector Microsoft North Africa, East Mediterranean and Pakistan said,

“Microsoft believes that social development in today’s digital era largely depends on the scale of technology awareness among the youth. The Microsoft Academic Day is a part of our pursuit to nurture a tech-savvy mindset among the Pakistani youth.  Technological knowledge is the key to economic development in today’s world, that is why we are grooming and encouraging the youth to learn smart-computing skills.”

Professor Dr Mukhtar Ahmed – Chairman of Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan, while dilating on the prospect of a continuing endeavor in partnership with Microsoft said,

“We are striving to revolutionize Pakistan’s education system, and it is really heartening to see the enthusiastic response from all the stakeholders.”

He was delighted by the Student participation in Microsoft’s Certification program, announcing 300 free certification vouchers for the Students at Haripur.

As devices and technologies become more accessible and the capabilities grow – especially when laptops (2-in-1) are being distributed by HEC under the Prime Minister’s Laptops Scheme. Microsoft’s initiative seeks to enhance the understanding of students through effective training and briefings about the latest technologies.  It is closing the skills gap, to empower students in Pakistan to achieve more.

Both HEC and Microsoft are partnering with more and more educators, on their journey to redefine learning.  Core to their mission is the creation of immersive and inclusive learning experiences that inspire life-long learning.

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Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education Leads Futures Training in Pakistan

Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education Leads Futures Training in Pakistan

Sumera Saeed | category: Education

Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education Leads Futures Training in Pakistan. A Two-day Working Sessions on “Karachi Futures” Conducted, Enabling Futures Thinking and Strategy Development, Participants Concludes to Position Karachi as the “Emerald of the World”. Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education (DIHE) along with AGAHI, the country partner of the Millennium-Project, a Global Futures Studies & Research participatory think-tank conducted a two-day leadership session on Futures Thinking and Strategy Development; the working sessions were designed and delivered by Professor Sohail Inayatullah, UNESCO Chair of Futures Studies.

Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education organized one of the first of its kind futures sessions in Pakistan focused on Karachi Futures’. Inviting leaders from business, politics, media, civil society and academia.

RabiaDadabhoy, Vice Chairman for the Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education (DIHE) said,

“we are proud to mark that DIHE is taking a lead on Futures Research in Pakistan, we are confident that this will create research avenues for the foresight techniques and research thinking. This is the right platform that creates multiple opportunities for collaboration and co-creation; doing this with AGAHI in partnership on Pakistan Foresight Initiative; Karachi Futures is a step in that direction”.

The objectives of the designed sessions were to explore future methodologies which could help alleviate the multitude issues the city faces. The participants were engaged in various futures methods and were asked to apply them on the city, these included the futures triangle, causal layered analysis, macro and micro scenarios, visioning and back-casting.

The sessions were designed to help the participants understand and develop a familiarity with methods used to develop preferred, probable and possible futures; particularly changes in societal values and other critical drivers – impacting the future and to help enhance the effectiveness to deliver desired visions.Puruesh Chaudhary Founder and President AGAHI, said “the recently launched, Pakistan State of Future Index, gives a sense of how decisions in the country need to be made; Karachi being the financial hub needs a new metaphor and working with DiHE; we feel that this is the platform which can create the momentum where citizenry participation is at the heart of all decision-making in the city.

Professor Sohail Inayatullah, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Chair of Futures Studies stated

“Karachi can play a pivotal role in the future of cityscape by forming an alliance of Asian megacities that will collectively look towards solving the pressing issues they face within, helping grow Pakistan’s value regionally and internationally whilst transforming Karachi as the ‘Emerald of the World’”.

The sessions were attended byjournalists,AfshanSubhoi,Mubashir Zaidi, SohaibJamali, Syed Naeemuddin; Academicians Dr. AadilNakhoda, Dr. Saad Ahmed Khan, Dr. Arsalan Khan, DrSaad Liaquat, Entreprenuers Abid Butt, Roger Dawood Bayat, Amir Jahangir whilecivil society was represented by Syed FaizanYasir, Salman Javed, Lt-General (Retd.) Farooq Agha, ShaziaIsmat Zaidi, Habib Ullah Dadabhoy amongst others

Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education (DIHE) was established in the year 2003. It received Charter as Degree Awarding Institute by the Government of Sindh, through an act of the Parliament. In 2005, DIHE was recognized by the Higher Education Commission and placed in top grade i.e. W ’A’ category institutes. The DIHE mission is to facilitate growth and prosperity amongst all sections of our society. DIHE offers various undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering, Basic & Applied Sciences, and Law.

At DIHE, no student is denied admission due to financial need. Since the day of its inception, DIHE has been regularly awarding merit scholarships and need-based financial help to students irrespective of their religion, gender, caste or creed. The ultimate objective is to provide quality education at affordable cost.

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The Hidden Gems of "Uncivilized" Balochistan

The Hidden Gems of “Uncivilized” Balochistan

Guest Post | category: News

The hidden gems of “uncivilized” Baluchistan.Have you heard of Pakistan? The same country with a youth bulge? Yes, you heard it right. To many informed readers and foreigners, Pakistan is a land of an overly populated youth. However, what the youngsters of the myriad challenges faced by this country seldom makes headlines in the media.  This is mostly seen when it comes to the females hailing from minority communities especially Balochistan.

The Thrive to Receive Education Found in Abundance among the Females

After hearing about the First International Conference on Social Sciences in Quetta, my perception regarding the less educated females of Baluchistan changed entirely.  Students of this university are excelling in the field of education, enrolling for M Phil and Ph.D. degrees. It was only in 2013 that the university was bombed losing around fourteen lives of intelligent minds. Contrary to the massive belief that women would be afraid of continuing their education, the university intake tripled in number.

Outclass Discussions Showcased by Young Minds

To top it off, the chairing of the session on language and literature by the former candidates of the university followed by interactive and productive discussions on education and human values depicted that the thrive for self-development is well lit and alive in the young females of Baluchistan. Furthermore, the incredible political and social awareness skills demonstrated by the students without any hesitation showcased the unbeatable confidence in these young and highly educated gems.  With a total of one hundred and fifty presentations, the session proved to be a clear testimony of excellence, courage, and commitment to education portrayed by the women of Baluchistan.

University- A Safe Haven from the Outside World?

The universities in Baluchistan are offered termed as ‘safe havens’ for the young females of Baluchistan who wish to get rid of the limitations that patriarchal society places imposes on female emancipation. Each student of Baluchistan has a tale to tell. Surely, voicing your rights amid the conservative society goons has never been an easy task, especially for women in Baluchistan. The height of this is such that students are afraid to visit their native villages out of fear that they will not be allowed to return to university hostels.

Together We Stand!

Galling together, these women are playing a huge part in coming along and working towards a more libertarian and equal society. They demand to be heard and heard our loud-nothing lesser than that is acceptable by these fierce fully intelligent brains.  Equal opportunities for employment and educational opportunities with women rights being acknowledged stand of high significance to them. What is even wrong with that? Competing with their male counterparts will only bring about self-sufficiency, financial and social independence within these young souls.

On the contrary, the young luminaries exhibited their concern regarding complex issues including identity in the multi-ethnic society. Their belief to bring about a broader acceptance and tolerance to other sects, castes and cultures was astounding and indeed a key to co-habitation in a nation. Their main aim is to preserve local languages, customs while doing away with firmly established stereotypes in the country cannot go unnoticed. An even more unnoticeable notion would be the masses calling out Pakistan’s most populated province as “uncivilized.”

The weakening inter-provincial relations with people’s “deemed right” to exploit Baluchistan’s natural resources without caring an ounce about the social development in the province aches the hearts of these young females. The oil and gas-rich province have its women to raise their voice and question powerful state institutions that are playing a considerable part in violating these resources. Transparency and anguish against lack of accountability are evident in the shining faces of the Baloch women for which they now seem eager to take on the baton of leadership.

CPEC- A trigger of Concern?

How could we end detailing out the feelings of the Baloch women without giving CPEC a mention? Much fear that the China-Pakistan Economic Project would lead to an influx of foreign expats ruling the locals while others also doubt if the newly developed infrastructure projects would create equal opportunity employment for the deserving females of the province.

Conclusively, the powerful abilities to debate, counter question, and hold healthy discussions regarding the current state of Baluchistan would give shivers down the spine of many Pakistanis calling them uncivilized. Confidence and intelligence lurking in the female youth of the province would do nothing less than leave you in awe.

Much needs to be accomplished. For every girl receiving education, many other girls have to sit back home not because of they lack a thirst for knowledge but simply because of lack of sufficient facilities in Baluchistan. Lastly, the hostile attitude towards working women in the province would soon be eradicated by the same females disagreeing with the stereotypes, and standing high for their rights!


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ACCA Students Participate at the Techstartup Weekend

ACCA Students Participate at the Techstartup Weekend

Sumera Saeed | category: News

ACCA Students Participate at the Techstartup Weekend. Entrepreneurship is one of the key areas of focus for ACCA as an empowering medium to translate creativity and talent of youth into actions that has social and economic effects. To explore the essence of creativity and innovation among youth in KP, Peshawar 2.0 under the umbrella of Techstars organized Techstartup Weekend, a 3 day event; 22nd – 24th September 2017. It was a 54-hour event where startup enthusiasts came together to share ideas, form teams, and launch startups.

ACCA was the knowledge partner as it believes that exposing young students to entrepreneurship results in creative freedom, higher self-esteem, and an overall greater sense of control over their own lives. Many of the start-up teams included ACCA students who got a chance to experience what it takes to launch a successful startup and a chance to build upon and strengthen their startup ideas.

“It was a great networking opportunity; we established forever lasting relationship with other young and ambitious minds. The mentors were very helpful and guided us about various business matters. I am thankful to ACCA for providing us this opportunity,” commented Muhammad Mustajab Ali, an ACCA Professional Level student from PAC Peshawar.

Techstars is a part of the global ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs to bring new technologies to market. Through the Techstars Worldwide Entrepreneur Network, founders and their teams are able to connect to other entrepreneurs, experts, mentors, alumni, investors, community leaders, and corporate partners that will help their companies grow.Techstars runs Startup Weekends globally in over 700 cities and 150 countries i-e San Francisco, Dubai, New York, Adelaide, Seattle, London, Berlin, Chicago, Paris and Toronto.

Peshawar 2.0 is a social enterprise aimed at building a startup community in Peshawar. It is a youth-led movement to rebuild and rebrand the City of Peshawar through innovation and entrepreneurship in technology, design and art. The event was specifically segmented for ideas relevant to education, tech, health and food, art and design, social work, science and social awareness.

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No Concrete Measures for Job Creation in Budget: APBF

Sumera Saeed | category: Jobs

All Pakistan Business Forum president Ibrahim Qureshi has said that Pakistan needs 2.5 million jobs annually but the government has taken concrete measures neither in federal nor in Punjab budgets for job creations for the unemployed youth.

Commenting on the 2017-18 federal and Punjab budgets, he termed it a bubble budget, apparently feeling good but does not contain substance.

He condemned the economic manager’s calculator approach in finalizing the budget, which focused more on revenue collection and less on the fulfillment of its major objective of giving a long-term direction to the economy. This budget shows the failure of the Federal Board of Revenue as the reduction of taxpayers in active taxpayers list clearly indicates the failure of the govt, he added.

Terming the federal budget as a number game with no incentives for industry and more privileges for few sectors, he said that government is non-serious to explore new venues for revenue generation and no efforts had been taken to plug revenue leakages amounting in billions. He criticized the Federal Board of Revenue for failing in broadening of tax base. The government instead of generating revenue from direct taxes showed its intention to collect revenue through withholding tax. Moreover, the government after increasing the tax rate for non-filers had admitted its failure to implement the concept of filer and non-filer introduced in the last budget.

He also opposed the Punjab government for slapping duty on internet services. He said internet had now become a necessity for every sector of the economy, whether its agriculture, healthcare, education or SMEs. He said that small size businesses have also a monthly bill of more than Rs1,500. Making broadband expensive will have a very negative impact on the overall economy, as taxing broadband is like raising petrol prices, which affects every sector of the economy, he added. Ibrahim Qureshi said that like the previous governments, this one too has refrained from bringing big fishes into the tax net or even taking measures to prevent major tax evasions. The government attempted to squeeze the neck of old taxpayers instead of taking efforts to bring new taxpayers into tax net.

He blasted the authorities for not keeping its focus on resolving the energy crisis and allocating sufficient funds for the construction of big reservoirs including Kalabagh Dam in budget. He said that policymakers would have to address the concerns of the public since they suffer the most as a result of the power crisis. Ibrahim Qureshi questioned the claims of the government regarding reduction in unemployment, improvement in per capita income and improved energy situation.

The government is opening up the Pakistan economy to imports. While lower duty on raw materials and inputs is needed, but duty free imports of machinery will result in huge spending of scarce foreign exchange and jobs creations abroad, and no jobs for Pakistanis.

Ibrahim Qureshi regretted that no corrective action has been announced in the budget to increase direct taxation and more emphasis has been laid on indirect taxation.


10th TeleCON 2017 forum chaired by the Minister of Telecom

Sumera Saeed | category: Mobile Phones

Global Telecom & IT giants are undertaking major ventures in Pakistan – Anusha Rahman

The Minister of State for Information Technology & Telecommunications – Honorable Ms. Anusha Rahman Khan inaugurated the 10th Pakistan Telecommunication and ICT Conference (TeleCON 2017) as the Chief Guest. This annual forum was held by SHAMROCK Conferences International (www.shamrockconferences.net) at the Ramada Hotel in Islamabad, with the theme: “Pakistan in the wake of Revolutionary Technologies and Solutions”. The Keynote address was delivered by the Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) – Syed Ismail Shah.

Addressing the large number of enthusiastic delegates at the forum, the Minister of IT and Telecom stated that:

“It is delightful to see that global Telecom & IT giants are undertaking major ventures in Pakistan, while our country’s start-up enterprises are winning great accolades at global technology forums, with the support of incubators and incentives from the government”.

She further stated that:

“The Next-generation 3G and 4G telecom technologies are already empowering all consumer segments and industries, as we benefit from revolutionary concepts like; ‘Mobile” commerce, E-Governance, Smart-Cities, Mobile-banking, Cloud-Computing, ‘Smart’ Healthcare & Education and much more. The government is now seeking the earliest possible deployment of 5G technology in Pakistan. With the successful orchestration of this 10th annual TeleCON Forum, SHAMROCK has made great contributions in the advancement of this important industry in Pakistan.”

Syed Ismail Shah, Chairman of PTA said:

“A social and industrial revolution has taken place in our country with the deployment of fascinating new technologies. It is now the primary responsibility of the regulators and experts of telecom and IT industries, to focus on the future, enabling swift and secured consumption of massive volumes of data, whereby we can greatly enhance national productivity to accelerate progress and economic prosperity”.

Other distinguished Chairpersons and speakers included; The Chief Executive Officer of PTCL – Daniel Ritz, CEO of ICT R&D Fund – Mr. Yusuf Hussain, the CEO of IBM Cloud – Nadeem A. Malik, the CEO of Bluetech Consulting – Kashif Jadoon, Mr. Pervez Iftikhar, Ex CEO USF, the Head of Conferences at SHAMROCK – Mr. Usman Janjua and others. These learned speakers discussed critical topics like; Expansion of outreach, Fibre-Optics, rural-area connectivity, broadband, wireless-access, connectivity and Cyber-security.

An insightful panel discussion on ‘Revolutionary Technologies’ included experts like: the Chief Commercial Officer of PTCL – Adnan Shahid, the CEO of COMSATS – Jamshed Masood and Mr. Naveed Khalid Butt, Chief Corporate & Regulatory Affairs Ufone. Numerous other experts professionals and stakeholders attended this forum, sponsored by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd. (PTCL) and Wateen Telecom, while being supported by PTA, relevant ministries and the leading enterprises of this robust industry.

TeleCON is a prestigious assembly of the; industry specialists, regulators, technologists, speakers, visionaries, experts, academia, emerging media and investors from national and global enterprises and institutions. The key topics of discussion included: challenges & opportunities, fresh ideas for enhancing Foreign-Direct Investments, regulations to control cybercrime, Data Security & safer exchange of information.


Samsung launches ‘Retailers Training Programme’ in Pakistan

Sumera Saeed | category: Mobile Phones

Samsung is a global technology leader. Its revolutionary products, powerful devices and award-winning innovations enjoy tremendous popularity in Pakistan too, as its products and solutions fulfill the needs of diverse consumer segments. Samsung provides world-class training to its extensive distribution network all over Pakistan, with the aim to maximize retailers’ knowledge and nurture service-skills.

In pursuit of further enriching the consumers’ retail experience, Samsung has recently launched a highly evolved training programme for its dealers across Pakistan. The retailers are being further trained and groomed to reflect the highest service standards, while selling the world’s premium products and technologies, created by Samsung.

The President of Samsung Pakistan – Mr. J. H. Lee stated that:

“Training of our retail network and enhancing the skills of our front-line personnel is a perpetual exercise at Samsung. We aim to maintain our market-leadership, as the new training programme will further enhance our distribution capabilities, product availability and outreach. Samsung continues to add more convenience for the consumers, to further elevate the brand-image and consumer-perception of Samsung.”

Samsung’s retailer network is consistently inspired to exceed the customers’ expectations, to build trust on the brand. Extensive research on consumer preferences helps Samsung in anticipating their evolving needs, so its innovations and high service-standards, continue to win the customers’ hearts.

The retailers in Pakistan are being given a deeper understanding of Samsung’s vision, as the company is committed to expand the use of digital technology for connectivity and communications, to empower the socio-economic sectors like; education, health-care, industries, telecom services, E-commerce, etc. Samsung also nurtures new start-up ventures and talents, by supporting technology incubators around the world.

Punjab Public Service Commission to Conduct Written Test For Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department Jobs 2017

Punjab Public Service Commission to Conduct Written Test For Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department Jobs 2017

Sumera Saeed | category: Government Jobs in Pakistan

Punjab Public Service Commission to Conduct Written Test For Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department Jobs 2017

Punjab Public Service commission (PPSC) Lahore issues written exam schedules for the different post mentioned below, via Jang newspaper advertisement.

You can find here the entire schedule including date and time and venue for the written test exams by PPSC for the posts of Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department.

You can note down it below.

Department Name:

Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department Jobs test by PPSC

Posts titles:

Research Officer BS-17

Senior Scale Stenographer BS-16

PPSC Written test Date, Schedule for Punjab Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department Jobs:

Research Officer

Education LL.B or Bar at Law or LLB 50% marks, Knowledge of Microsoft officer,

Age limit 22 to 35 for male

Age limit 22 to 38 for female

Gender male, female, Shemale

Domicile Punjab

Place of Posting Lahore

Livestock and Dairy Development department PPSC jobs 2017 Eligibility Criteria, last date:

Senior Scale Stenographer

Qualification Graduation

100 words speed per minute in short hand English and also 40 words per minute

Gender male, Female

Age limit 18 t0 30 years for male

Age Limit 18 to 33 years for female

Roll Number slip for written test for Punjab Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department August Jobs 2017:

You can find the roll number slip at the official Punjab Public Service commission www.ppsc.gov.pk

Last date of PPSC jobs 2017 Application form submission:

January 9, 2017

For more details contact on following numbers or you can visit the above mentioned PPSC website.



you can see the advertisement below:

Punjab Public Service Commission to Conduct Written Test For Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department Jobs 2017






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Punjab Government Launches e-stamp papers System

Punjab Government Launches e-stamp papers System

Sumera Saeed | category: News

Punjab Government Launches e-stamp papers System

The government of Punjab is moving toward e-governance and has launched the e-stamp papers system in 144 tehsils of the province. Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said the government was quickly moving towards e-governance and after land record management information system, e-stamp papers system has been launched in the province.

The launching ceremony of e-stamp papers was held at Arfa Karim Software Technology Park on Monday. Provincial Ministers Dr. Ayesha Ghaus Pasha, Ata Manika, Advisor Dr. Umer Saif, Senior Member Board of Revenue and Deputy Governor of the State Bank also addressed the ceremony. Provincial Ministers, Members Assembly, Chief Secretary, IT experts, columnists and a large number of boy and girl students were also present on the launch event.

Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that the new e-stamp papers system is a revolutionary step of the provincial government for removal of exploitation and falsification. He further said that the 70-years old system of judicial and non-judicial stamp papers had been changed with the new system in the province and the new system of e-stamp papers will also eliminate the practice of issuance of stamp papers in back dates and the difficulties of the people concerning accurate estimation of their properties will be fixed.

Punjab Government Launches e-stamp papers System

CM said that the modern technology will also be introduced in other sectors including education, health, police, etc. the modern system will also be introduced in the hospitals in order to ensure attendance of doctors and paramedical staff as well as control misappropriation of medicines, he said.

Chief Minister said that the new e-stamp paper will allow the customers to have the stamp paper in just 15 minutes rather than to wait for three days. They will also not have to pay frequent visits to offices and banks. For having stamp papers

He added that the new system of e-stamp papers will be beneficial, and the revenue recovery has increased by 33 percent.

CM Shehbaz Sharif said that no society can progress without justice but unluckily justice is sold in police stations and katcheries. He said that justice is vital for progress and development of the country.

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Bahria university Karachi announces vacancy For Matric Pass Candidates

Bahria university Karachi announces vacancy For Matric Pass Candidates

Mariam Irshad | category: Jobs

Bahria university Karachi announces vacancy Matric Pass Candidates:  Hurry Up, Don’t miss the chance

If you are matric passed and in urgent need of job, lost hope of having it, don’t feel sad there are a lot of job Opportunity for matric passed persons. Given below are announced Job:

Bahria university Karachi announce vacancy for

  • Security Guard
  • Plumber / Wireman

For security Guard Job, both Male and Female can apply; they must have 1 year experience as security guard with good physical appearance and Matric or intermediate education qualification.

For Plumber / Wireman, must have 2 years experience as Plumber or Wireman in any organization and must have Matric qualification.

A good opportunity for those who have done Matric And in need of job.

Bahria university Karachi announces vacancy For Matric Pass Candidates