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Fall Winter 2016 Skin Care Tips

Fall Winter 2016 Skin Care Tips

Mariam Irshad | November 4, 2016 | category: Beauty Tips

Fall Winter 2016 Skin Care Tips

Winter is all set to come and mark impression of coldness and is associated with snow and freezing temperature. Winter is that season when your skin requires your utmost attention and care.

As during fall season era, it lost hydration and miniaturization thus become hard and rough. Glow of skin lost and thus your younger looking skin makes you look aged and starts causing dryness.Your appearance matters a lot but in fall season it gives you depression and tension.

If you want to have best glowing skin and wants to maintain your skin tone even in fall season then you must try these given tips :

You must keep given things in your bag

  • Cold cream
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen
  • Face wash
  • Scrub
  • Lip balm

These things are Agent of taking care and you can conquer coldness with no side effect for your skin. Moisturizer is a must thing in fall season as skin dry a lot and  looks like itchy and harsh. As cold air effects a lot so try to keep your face moist all the time and have sunblock before going outside this will act as a coat and keep it safe from cruel weather.Try to have cream with vitamin A,C and E.Have lip balm all the time as lips get more effect, pinkish glow flew away. So apply balm after every 20 minutes.

Things you take care

Healthy diet

Cover skin

Water intake

In winter season we feel less thirsty and ignore are body requirement due to which dehydration happens and it’s most awful state where skin starts behaving roughly so drink water daily it will give you natural glow with smooth skin.Most important thing in winter season is to eat healthy then your skin will behave wealthy for you. By keeping yourself cover in warm clothes you fight against weather.

Masks you can use during Fall season;

Egg White Mask

It is good for oily skin. Apply egg white in your face, let rest for half an hour and then wash it with warm water. This will tighten your skin and act as a barrier in protecting your face

Banana Mask

Banana Mask is best Mask to have in winter for your skin it gives you protection from harsh weather situation

Mash bananas with cream and then apply it on your face for 30 minutes, leave this scrub. Rinse with lukewarm water.You will see result after this mask.

Honey Mask

Honey is best to use in winter both intake and apply directly on skin gives you best result. So have 3 spoons of honey and 1 spoon of raw milk make a paste apply it on your face and you will have natural glow with clean moisturize skin after this mask. Try to use this mask after every 2 days gap.

Association of Acne With Food We Eat: Follow Home Remedies To Avoid It

Association of Acne With Food We Eat: Follow Home Remedies To Avoid It

Mariam Irshad | October 5, 2016 | category: Health and Beauty

Association of Acne With Food We Eat: Follow Home Remedies To Avoid It

Acne causing food and home remedies to deal it

Acne is that fear in life of  girls which give a tough competition to living standards as it cause a lot of dilemma if it comes to attend party , marriage ceremony , get together or any function. With any skin problem specially acne its quite tough to put a lot of make up on your face. Acne is considered to be the cause of hypertension , depression , anxiety , fear , complex  and reduce  self esteem  for suffer person.  Acne is estimated globally affected skin problem among young girls though it become less common in adulthood.

Food we eat has strong association with our body functions and specially with skin . Whatever we eat shows it retort on face as its reflection of total body health.  Acne is mainly contributed of low level of Vitamin C and E , zinc , selenium and carotenoid in diet.

Spicy food is blamed to be acne causer , eating spicy food grant skin problems and disturb digestive system. As spice is always used to add flavor in food but sometimes it leads to severe problems like acne.

Like spicy food , cow milk is also an agent for causing acne as it spikes blood sugar and insulin which increase inflammation leading to pimples and skin oil production  thus affecting the skin with acne.cheese ? yes cheese is that agent who cause acne if eaten more.

Association of Acne With Food We Eat: Follow Home Remedies To Avoid It Association of Acne With Food We Eat: Follow Home Remedies To Avoid It

Junk food now a days become the most demanded food in every one life and also lead to cause skin problems specially acne is common among junk food addicted persons.  Eating this food will lead towards skin problems so try to avoid these and maintain a balanced diet routine.

Persons with acne should eat Vegetables , fish , fruits , nuts, green tea  and should avoid oily and spicy foods. Have proper control over what you eat, take proper care of your skin and diet , eat more carrots, add turmeric to your diet , cut out sugar, do more exercise, drink a lot of water. Don’t use anyone soap , cream or brush, have your own soap and brush.stay germs protective.

Home remedies to deal with acne :

Yogurt and honey Mask:

Association of Acne With Food We Eat: Follow Home Remedies To Avoid It

Take 1 tablespoon yogurt and add 1 tablespoon of honey in it . Make a mixture use it with cotton on your face for about 10 minutes and clear it with hot water. Use this make in the evening only.

Egg White Mask:

Egg white is main agent to fight against acne it’s full of proteins and vitamins that both combat acne and help you rebuild your skin. Egg white makes your skin bacteria free

You just need

2’3 egg white

Wash cloth

Apply egg white on your face and leave it for half an hour after this clean it with cloth and rinse with warm water. Do follow this remedy twice a week. This will gives you acne free skin.

Lemon juice:

Association of Acne With Food We Eat: Follow Home Remedies To Avoid It

Have lemon juice and apply it with cotton on your face. Leave it for 10 minutes do follow this on daily bases, this will make your face free from acne.


Association of Acne With Food We Eat: Follow Home Remedies To Avoid It

Garlic is best to get your skin free from acne as garlic is antibacterial so you just need 2’3 garlic piece in aloe Vera gel make a paste and apply it on your face leave this mask on your face for about 15 minute and do wash it with Luke warm water.