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Sumera Saeed | February 1, 2018 | category: News

The greatest festivity and reflection of the cultural melting pot of Pakistan is unquestionably, its
scrumptious cuisine. Considering it as the ultimate pleasure for the  Pakistani People, cooking,
feeding, and consuming food, makes a huge part of our lives.

Food to Pakistanis is what a pen is to  writer or a credit card to a shopaholic. Worldwide, Pakistanis are known to devour their food and most of them could kill for a lot less than a good chop masala.  Pakistan has been one filled with  food, flavor and an intense adoration of hospitality. This is a country with unique flavor that is steeped in historical cooking methods, spices and local seasonal produce and rich aromas.

Foodies Family , as the name speaks for itself; serves as mix platter for all kinds of food lover
audiences, be them the young bachelors, newly wed ladies, senior citizens or the ones reaching
elderliness in their naughty forties! Members from all four provinces of our beloved motherland
are congregated under this platform which serve as a means of intercultural communication through food.

The founders of the famous Foodies Family group have the identity of their own in the fields, where they are excelling with sky high success. Apart from being the founder at Foodies Family. Mr. Shahroz Janjua is a graduate from NCA, having an experience of 12 years in event management.

Adding more spice to his talents, he reflects his creativity in the field of
professional photography with highly creative skills. Not only that, Mr.Shahroz is currently
running a talk show called as ‘ The Shahroz Janjua Show ‘ where he interviews people with massive skills but are deprived of limelight.
Mr. Umar j Qureshi, the Co-Founder at the Foodies Family needs no introduction. He is one talented soul, who has his fingers in every pie. A foodie at heart, he has an experience of
more than a decade in the customer services and seven plus years of experience in  professional  Social Media consultancy.

Mr. Umar is also a managing partner at Brands on Wheels (Moving advertising), which
is a well reputed company of its own type having more than 230 vehicles in just Lahore only.
Apart from the founders, the page is administered by a panel of six more food lovers, inclu
ding Fatima Aziz, Haroon Khalid Butt, Zeeshan Zafar, Fawn Raza, Hadia Iftikhar Hussain and Faisal Khan.

Our cooperative administration believes in providing our valuable members, with quick and
motivational responses, making sure that all the members follo w the group’s strict policies of
mature conduct; whosoever found suspicious is immediately blocked. Morality and ethics have
been our priority since the scratch.

Foodies Family group brings you a whole new experience of an exciting food journey, where we
provide a purely family oriented environment to our food lovers. Our aim is to gather all the food lovers under one roof, where they come hungry and leave happy. On this social media platform, the added members to this closed group are encouraged to not only openly give food reviews about different eating places and share pictures but also the home chef’s worth trying recipes are also, warmly welcomed.

Foodies family promises to bring you to an imaginable world of sensory culinary discovery which surely will tantalize your mind and body and definitely your taste buds Foodies Family group believes in the content and quality not the quantity; therefore, with utter focus on our group’s strict policies regarding social conduct, our group had recently achieved a distinguishable amount of 30
000 members in such a less time span. Recently, foodie’s family has made a worthy partnership with Lahore’s well reputed food logistics company, Cheetay.pk; for which our group is serving as a platform for the marketing and advertisement of this highly demanding company in the heart of Pakistan, Lahore. To cut the mustard, we are playing an indispensable role by providing a platform for a ll the new food business entrepreneurs and restaurants; where they can display their advertisements, free of cost, for the first time. Later on, a very nominal amount of fee has to be paid for a bunch of 30 posts per month, on the basis of one post per day.

Our experts are always available to provide social media consultancy, where our work experience plays the role of icing on the cake, to make the efforts of the food business entrepreneurs, more fruitful. We are consistently available to present our loyal
services for food consultancy, guiding the new comers through all the 5W’s of communication including how to move forward tactfully and manage the expenses.

Here, not to forget, we would definitely like to thank Mr. Ahmed Sheikh for inviting us as the fir
st ever foodies’ forum featured on television, on his famous talk show ‘ LiveWire-
Digital’ at Business Plus TV We all do love to eat, don’t we? From the cream of the crop, ‘paye, nihari’ to the mouth watering,
creamy fettucine alfredo, and everything in-between, the satisfaction of our hunger is a worthy
pursuit. No
matter how much we love Pakistani cuisine, everyone needs a break from the heavy,
extra oily food and that’s where MM Alam road comes in to mix up the flavor and add some
diversity to the food. All these drooling desires need to be fulfilled. There is definitely no love
sincerer than the love of food, when everyone else may leave you just know that food never will.
While some people eat to live, most Pakistanis live to eat. Only in Pakistan wou
ld you find everyone saying how their mother is the best cook in the world, and no doubt that comes from the love for food we have rooted deep within.

Considering all that’s said above, the foodies’ family team has hooked up with several restaurants, for whom not only that we serve as an advertisement platform, but also greets our group members with exciting deals on food services. Our group usually generates a code, which has to be used a reference whenever our members feel like testing their taste buds. T
he most exciting part is the honest reviews, we get in return from our valuable group members; in form of pictures and ratings.

Along with that, our team itself provides honest reviews of different restaurants; some of which are paid and vice versa.Our team believes in keeping our members fully engaged in interactive sessions and activities usually in the form of contests, where the members are entertained with not only our customized gifts but sponsored meal vouchers are also presented. New members are always welcomed and the admiration personally appreciates their interest, participation and involvement.

Socializing is what we believe in, therefore, events are planned on regular intervals in form of restaurant launch or a menu launch, where we invite our members as honorable guests to become part of the event. We are pleased and proud to mention our recently attended events such as the “Jumbo Burger Party” for Victoria Grill, DHA and “Chocobration”
for The Chocolate Room, Gulberg, which will be followed by another event under the well reputed fine dining restaurant, Tuscany Courtyard. Many famous celebrities like Ejaz Waris
, Sadia Arshad and Fatima Saif have also granted us with the honor of their presence at the above stated events.

As practicing Muslims, we believe that whatever we earn has its share for all those who are in need. As our Prophet stated ” A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world”. Humanity has to be restored and maintained by the humans, therefore, our group has also put its hand into the true purpose of life, ‘charity’. A noticeable amount is dedicated as a ritual for putting a good and God fearing soul in our mission.

If you are a foodie, join Foodies Family at www.facebook.com/groups/foodiesfamilypk

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Cheetay Collaborates With Foodies Family

Cheetay Collaborates With Foodies Family

admin | January 30, 2018 | category: News

Cheetay Collaborates With Foodies Family. Cheetay is well on its way to becoming a galvanising force in not only the tech industry but the culinary world of Lahore as well. Continuing on a trajectory of growth and expansion in terms of acquiring more restaurants, Cheetay has become a multi category e-Commerce platform that offers not just food delivery but is set out to venture into separate business verticals such as Cheetay Healthcare, Cheetay Books, etc.

The Cheetay Tiffin is another sub-category that was recently launched to provide fresh and healthy homemade food for those who do not have access or the means to eat a proper meal either at work or at home.

Having recently secured $1.1 million in Series A funding, we are on a mission to make our name synonymous with e-Commerce by being an ubiquitous platform that delivers everything and anything the customer desires.

In our goal to increase customer base we have collaborated with “Foodies Family”, a noted food forum on Facebook which has over 29,500 followers/subscribers. This is a virtual forum where ardent food lovers and aficionados gather to talk, share and discuss food, new restaurants, recipes and what’s new in the culinary world. The aim here is to actively penetrate the market while simultaneously creating brand identity by following a pragmatic product positioning strategy which ensures market presence.

Food forums on social media have surged in popularity and have proven to be powerful tools which easily mould thoughts, perceptions and opinions about not only restaurants but all business ventures related to food. Teaming up with them is the best way to cater to the growing market and which gives access to an additional medium of acquiring new customers.

Our partnership will enable us to offer numerous deals, offers, discounts and become their official delivery partner. We are offering exclusive deals to the members of the Foodies Family group which includes:

·         Discount offers on regular orders. (Unique Code to be provided by cheetay.pk)

·         Contest offers in the form of deals, free meals, discounts, promo codes etc.

·         Flat PKR 100 charges any delivery for Foodies Family members.

·         Discounts on weekly meal plans of The Cheetay Tiffin.

According to Zeeshan Ali, Marketing Manager of Cheetay.pk

“This is the tip of the iceberg because we’re just getting started. Our plan is to increase brand visibility on imminent platforms (Billboards, TV, Radio, etc.) by exploring broader avenues of marketing and actively advertising in print media with special focus on digital marketing”.

Cheetay.pk believes in creating a lasting brand image which is synonymous with reliability and prompt delivery. Apart from adding technology and building our logistics base the plan is to focus on unconventional marketing techniques to create a distinct brand image which sets us apart and makes us a dominant force in the industry.

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