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Historic Visit to the LCCI French Parliamentarians to Act as Pakistan’s Ambassadors

Historic Visit to the LCCI French Parliamentarians to Act as Pakistan’s Ambassadors

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Historic Visit to the LCCI French Parliamentarians to Act as Pakistan’s Ambassadors. Back in France, we would be Pakistan’s ambassadors as it has huge untapped economic potential and perfect geographical location.

This was stated y the members of French Parliamentary ddelegation elegation while speaking at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The LCCI President Malik Tahir Javaid presented the address of welcome while Senior Vice President Khawaja Khawar Rashid, Vice President Zeshan Khalil, Members of French Parliamentarian delegation Jean Bernard Sempastous, Mrs. Annaig Le Meur, Jean-Luc Reitzer, Mrs. Sonia Krimi, Alexandre Michel, Mian Ahsan Abbas, Michael Boucault and Philippe FOUET spoke on the occasion while Ali Hassam
Asghar, Awais Seed Piracha, M. Nawaz, Moazzam Rasheed, Kalim Ahmed,
Tehmina Saeed Chaudhry and Mian Zahid Javed were also present on the
The Parliamentarian said that French government values high its relations with Pakistan and keen to further strengthening its economic relations with Pakistan that is an important country of the region. They stressed the need for close contacts between the businessmen through use of modern technology like video  conferencing in order to develop deep and lasting linkages and networks for sharing each other’s experiences for strengthening of economic relations. They said that they would play their role for increasing bilateral trade between the two
The French Parliamentarians highly spoke about Pakistan and said that investment opportunities in Pakistan are of great attraction for foreign businessmen. They said that they would tell their businessmen about the sectors that could create win-win situation. The LCCI President Malik Tahir Javaid appreciated the initiative taken by the leadership of the France Pakistan Friendship Group for visiting Pakistan to promote trade & investment relations between two countries.

He said that France is Western Europe's largest country by area. Including overseas regions, it ranks 41st in the world in size. By economic measurements, France is among the
world's most successful countries. Being Europe's third largest economy, its
nominal GDP ranked seventh largest in the world at more than $2.4 trillion in total
The LCCI President said that France is well known around the world for its colours, designs, festivals, fashion, foods and monuments etc. France is rightly considered the birth place of modern democracy. The revolutionary ideals of 1789 i.e. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity were impressive and contributed to a great deal in attaining ultimate triumph. That victory owes much to the French men and women who have defended freedom and democracy.

“I am sure that you being French Parliamentarians and members of France Pakistan Friendship Group would be noticing certain changes in political scenario  of Pakistan particularly taking place in the last decade. Unlike past, the democratic setup of Pakistan faced highs and lows in a sensible way. Pakistan is all set to gain further political stability in years to come. We hope that we will soon start reaping the fruits of attaining political maturity”, Malik Tahir Javaid
While sharing trade figures, he said that in 2015, the total volume of bilateral trade was dollar 778 million which surged to dollar 817 million in 2016. The main reason of that increase was consistent rise both in imports and exports to France. He said that from 2015 to 2016, the exports to France registered an increase of 3.3% whereas the imports from France went up by 6.5%. This trend needs to be continued. In the present scenario of bilateral trade, the balance of
trade should be in favor of Pakistan and its products should have easy access to the markets of France. Your support is desperately needed in this connection.
The LCCI President said that in terms of tourism, Pakistan is a beautiful and historical country and you will be amused by its scenic beauty. We are peace loving nation and desirous of maintaining peace in the whole region. There is no such situation in Pakistan which is mostly portrayed by international media. He urged the French Parliamentary delegation to share actual perception about Pakistan.

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